One Maritime Data Standard (OMDS) is the new standard for uniform recording and electronic exchange of product and trade data for the Dutch maritime industry. 

OMDS focuses on reducing the costs of supply chain management and increasing speed and efficiency within the maritime industry. OMDS makes uniform recording and electronic exchange of product and trade data in the Dutch maritime industry a practical reality.

Why Logic Vision supports OMDS
The maritime sector has been one of Logic Vision's main pillars since its foundation. When we were given the opportunity to contribute to the development of a uniform standard for maritime parts and articles, we didn't have to think twice. Whereas we optimize business processes (using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central), 2BA focuses on standardizing them with its platform. Thanks to the OMDS, finding parts becomes easier, ordering becomes less error prone and articles can be shipped faster. The OMDS thus contributes to the optimization of business processes and fits in perfectly with our mission and vision.

We attach great importance to investing in knowledge. By supporting OMDS we not only invest in knowledge of our own solutions, but also in keeping our industry knowledge up to date. Something that our customers can also expect from us as a partner. As a reliable partner, we aim for satisfied people at our customers and the OMDS can certainly contribute to this.

The data platform of 2BA 
For the exchange of data, the platform of 2BA has been chosen. Through this platform, manufacturers, suppliers, shipping companies and shipyards can provide and exchange up-to-date product and trade information. 2BA already offered existing standards from the Dutch and European installation technology and has now been expanded with specific fields that are of great importance to the maritime sector. Think of Safety Data Sheets, specific export and import data and other customs information.


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