Customer support


Process Analysis
The implementation of a new ERP system always begins with the analysis of your existing processes. For this analysis to be successful, it is important to identify key users and that everyone knows their role during the process.

The goal of the analysis phase is to establish a clear picture of the current and desired situations. The latter will be the basis of the blueprint that will be drawn up in such a way that all stakeholders understand the agreed final results. A blueprint is a highly detailed description of how the system can be adapted and set up to best support the desired process.

This blueprint will guide the preparation and detailed schedule of the project. Intensive collaboration between you and Logic Vision is essential throughout the implementation process in order to bring about the desired final results.

Once the blueprint has been agreed upon, the real work begins and we design an ERP solution specific to your business. We usually begin with setting up the accounting processes and then turn, for example, to buying and selling, CRM, inventory, and service software. If it is necessary to develop a functionality specific to your particular business processes, this will run in parallel with the setting up of your ERP solution.

Regular intermediate tests of the blueprint are carried out to test the functionalities of the blueprint. These intermediate tests are executed primarily by our consultants and developers.

The implementation phase is formally concluded with a general acceptance test for which the involvement of all users is required. We require your commitment for this acceptance test. The more thoroughly your processes are tested, the more likely it is that they will subsequently go live without problems.

Data Migration
What happens to your existing data? Is this information lost?

You can simply take a large part of your existing master data, such as your client data or name and address data to your new ERP solution. Data migration is one part of the whole implementation process. During the process, we decide together what data you want to take with you to your new system. It will be enriched and/or duplicated and imported into your new ERP solution. Of course, we always test this migration in advance with a migration test, followed by a client test.

Final data migration takes place preferably over a weekend.

IT Consultancy
New business automation may mean that new demands are made on your existing ICT infrastructure. We are happy to advise you on infrastructure design. As well as providing advice, we are also happy to implement new hardware, if you so wish. This way, you can be certain that your hardware is properly adapted to your software.

Are you short of a manager or in need of an extra pair of hands? We may well be able to help you.