Frequently Asked Questions

How do I close the financial year per cost centre?

You can do this in the "Close Income Statement" program, in the "Close by" tab, by selecting the “Dimensions" field. You can find the programm here: Departments/Financial Management/Periodic Activities/Fiscal Year You can select the dimensions you want to close the year for. The selected journal will then be completed per account per cost centre.

How do I import a bank statement?

You can import a bank statement under the menu item "Departments/Financial Management/General Ledger/Telebanking” and then "Import Bank Statement". Then select the bank for which you want to import a statement. After you have selected the bank, you have to select the file you want to import. You will see the result of the import in the relevant bank ledger.

How can I check the stock of an item quickly?

The stock of an item is listed on the itemlist card field "Inventory" field. The stock listed here is across all locations. If you want to check the stock for a specific location, then choose "Items by location" on the "Navigate" tab of the itemlist card. This enables you to see the stock per location using various filters.

How do I correct an incorrectly posted invoice?

The easiest way to correct an incorrectly posted invoice is by using the function "Copy document " You can find this function both for a sales and a purchase credit note under the "Actions" tab.

Why can't I post my invoice?

There may be several reasons why you can't post an invoice, as several checks are carried out before you can post an invoice. The message that you cannot post an invoice is always accompanied by a message that relates to the problem identified. Solve the problem and try to post the invoice again.

These checks include: Correct posting date, correct posting groups completed, limit control…

Can I save a filter that I have created in NAV 2015?

If you are working with the RTC, you can save and re-use filters that you have created. For a filter on the item list for example, go to the list in question. Create a filter on the screen. Now you can select "Items" in the top-left corner of the list screen. You can then name the filter in the "Save vieuw as" tab, and decide where you want to save it. You will now be able to continue using this filter, as you will find it in the menu where you saved it.