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Service Level Argreement

Support contract
In order to have access to our support services, you must have a valid maintenance contract, which you signed when purchasing your Logic Vision solution. If you do not have a maintenance contract but still want to ask a question, you can do so, of course. In that case, you will receive an invoice based on actual costs.

The Service Level Agreement (SLA) is part of the support contract.
Logic Vision distinguishes four types of requests for help with different priorities:

Priority 1: extremely urgent

System unusable. No system functionality to support business processes.

Priority 2: urgent

System usable with limitations: certain functions to support important sub-processes unusable.

Priority 3: non-urgent

System usable, but inconvenience is caused due to the failure of certain non-essential functionalities. Business processes can continue with slight inconvenience.

Priority 4: for information purposes

System usable despite discovery of bug: the bug has no direct influence on the functionality of the software.

 Response times

The following are the maximum response times during normal working hours following receipt of the notification per failure category:


Category                                                        Response time

Priority 1                                                        within 4 hours

Priority 2                                                        within 4 hours

Priority 3                                                        within 8 hours

Priority 4                                                        within 16 hours


An expert will contact the client within these maximum response times. The parties will agree how and when the repairs will be carried out.

In respect of priority 1 notifications: following receipt of the telephone notification, Logic Vision will take immediate steps to assess the status and in close consultation with the client ensure that – where required – an employee is quickly able to attend the premises of the appropriate contact person to begin work to resolve the failure.