The solution for the Oil & Gas industry. FuelVision meets all certifications that Microsoft sets for Dynamics NAV solutions.

The oil and gas industry: dynamism at its best. Variable prices, fluctuating stocks, and increased pressure on the margins mean that a clear overview of business processes is a must.

Thanks to FuelVision, you can have a user-friendly instrument in your hands, so that you can react quickly and efficiently to the most recent state of affairs. FuelVision is a customizable software solution, designed by and for professionals of the oil and gas industry, including oil trading, gas stations, services, and lubricant oil trading.

Oil Trading
Exchange rates, Platts-Argus listing, nationwide retail price, and purchase and sales contracts: FuelVision provides you with extensive functionalities for businesses in the oil trade. For example, price management, registering back-to-back deliveries and the recording of excise in a separate ledger account.

Service Stations
FuelVision offers features that allow you to manage service stations efficiently and effectively. For example, by establishing links to the POS systems and the card printers. FuelVision exchanges data with the POS system and updates and processes your stocks, prices, and any special offers. Thanks to FuelVision, your shop, price, and fuel card management is easy.

Lubricants Trade
A pallet, a can, a liter or a kilo. FuelVision records your stocks in the way you want, by warehouse if you wish. You determine your prices in whatever way you choose and it is very simple to add discounts, fees, and margins. FuelVision can be set up in a flexible way so that it perfectly meets the needs of your business.

Understanding The Margins
Understanding is the key concept of FuelVision: understanding your stocks, prices, purchasing and sales, and finances. The final goal is to understand your margins. When you automate processes, you save time and increase your profitability. FuelVision is certified for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and is seamlessly integrated with it. Together Dynamics NAV and FuelVision form the standard for industry-specific ERP systems.