Job manufacturing


Long lead times, large budgets, the involvement of many specialists, and changing circumstances. In short: the production process of your products is complex.

Thanks to the Job Manufacturing software module you can manage your project-based production processes efficiently and effectively. The software modules ensure consistency between the composition of your product and other activities related to it. This provides you with a good overview.

Clear Project Structure
The complexity of the projects requires a clear project structure. You can set up a complex project structure on the basis of freely definable templates. The software is developed on the basis of the standard project module of Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Transparent Calculation and Comparison with the Costs
You can make a pre-calculation based on the structure of the project for each project(phase) and at group or individual level. You can also determine budget and planning for each phase of the project. It is also simple to budget for additional costs, extras, and discounts.

Subsequently, the actual costs of the project are taken from the entry documents. It is easy to compare the budgeted and actual costs, prepare a project forecast, and set controls (for the conclusion of the project). For example, do you still need to allow for more time and make sure all the project related purchase and sales orders have been dealt with? This ensures that all your loose ends are tied up.

An Integrated software Solution
The project module is fully integrated with all the other Dynamics NAV modules. You can manage all processes from planning to production and purchase. This takes place on a project-by-project basis and is fully integrated. The sales, inventory, service, and financial administration are fully integrated and are updated directly when change occurs. Thanks to Microsoft Dynamics NAV in combination with the Job manufacturing software module, you have an overview of your project.