Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the integrated ERP solution developed specifically for SME.

Get more control. Increase your margins. Generate growth.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the most flexible business software for your business-specific processes. Dynamics NAV is part of the Microsoft portfolio, which means that it is easy to integrate it with other products like Microsoft Office, Outlook, and SharePoint. Your employees will soon be accustomed to the familiar work setting.

Dynamics NAV is constructed in a modular fashion and developed around three pillars: better control, increased margins, and business growth.

Improve your control

You want to manage the full breadth of your business and integrate all of its different aspects. And of course, you want all your employees to have access to correct, up-to-date information. Dynamics NAV provides insight. Insight into what your business needs to maintain profitability. Insight into how to improve performance. Insight into how best to deploy your business assets. Dynamics NAV does far more than a standard accountancy tool. Thanks to its extensive analytical capabilities and detailed management information, you can manage your business optimally.

Discover how Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps your customers by improving control.

Increase your margin

Make smart decisions to increase your operating margins and cash flow. Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps you generate the maximum return by getting the most out of your people and your systems.

Save on operating costs and minimize the risk error by automating crucial business processes.

Analyze financial data to discover trends and take action to improve cash flow.

Identify your most important customers and focus your strategy on them by creating new sales opportunities and improving customer satisfaction.

  • Focus on your most profitable products and customers and increase your margins.
  • Identify and make use of your most profitable customers and products to maximize your sales opportunities and increase customer loyalty.

Discover how Microsoft Dynamics NAV can help your customers to increase their margins.

Generate Growth

The use of Dynamics NAV helps you convert your new-found insights into opportunities.? The system promotes and supports the growth of your business. You can easily customize your system, thanks to the flexibility and scalability of Dynamics NAV. Turn improved profitability into new opportunities with a solution that helps your business grow and provides the elasticity to adapt with you if you require change.

Renew the way in which your employees work and connect. That can be via desktops, a SharePoint portal, remotely over the Internet and via means such as messaging, email, voice mail, and presence.

  • Choose the installation option best suited to your business and make your IT systems flexible without increasing your IT costs.
  • Grow your business in the knowledge that your systems can adapt to your ambitions, thanks to features like flexible financial processes and multi-currency support.
  • Grow without increasing your risks, in the knowledge that your systems grow to meet your future ambitions.

Discover how Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps your customers grow.