2-Controleware = Autorization

The NAV 2-Controlware modules allow you to set up authorizations to field-level access and manage them easily.

2-Controlware has developed an add-on for Dynamics NAV which improves NAV’s control and security. The NAV 2-Controlware add-on simplifies the control and security of Dynamics NAV, provides insight into the quality of your system’s set-up and provides clear and continuous insight into the automatic data processing by Dynamics NAV. The NAV 2-Controlware add-on consists of various modules. You need only choose those modules suited to your business processes. This CfMD certified add-on can be used with almost all versions of Dynamics NAV and does not require any expensive customization.

The NAV-2 Controlware modules allow you to set up your authorizations to field-level and manage them with ease. Moreover, you can continually monitor the quality of these authorizations. It is easy for you to determine insightfully which users can execute operations critical to the business and whether or not these have actually been implemented. It will also draw attention to conflicting actions. Thanks to the NAV 2-Controlware add-on, you are demonstrably ‘in control’.

The quality of the NAV 2-Controlware add-on was recently awarded Microsoft’s highest accreditation: Certified for Microsoft for Dynamics NAV.

Logic Vision and 2-Controlware are in partnership and Logic Vision is the reseller of the NAV 2-Controlware add-on. The add-on consists of several modules aimed at the security and control of NAV.