Interactive Gantt charts have been delivering a proven value to production scheduling in many ERP and similar systems.

Nevertheless, the role-tailored versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV seem to lack them. This is even more striking since the "Classic Line" of Microsoft Dynamics NAV used to offer two different views in the manufacturing module: the Resource View and the Production Order View. This original and basic graphic production schedule had been created with the VARCHART XGantt graphical Gantt component.

 The 3 Different Views of the Visual Production Scheduler:

  • Gantt Chart Add-in for production planning
  • Gantt Chart Add-in for project planning 
  • Gantt Chart Add-in for service order planning 

The 3 Gantt Charts are all build with the same components visual in 2 different views.

Resource view

  • Data shown by work and machine centers. 
  • Focused on the question: Where do I have capacity bottlenecks and which operation do I need to move to change this?
  • Indicates also delivery time conflicts.
  • Allows interactions, i.e. drag and drop of operations and production orders.

Production order view 

  • Data shown by production order status, production number and work/machine center which is responsible for the respective operation.
  • Focused on the question: Do I manage to finish my production order in time?
  • Indicates also resource conflicts.
  • Allows interactions, i.e. drag and drop of operations and production orders.

Key Benefits for Manufacturing Clients of Microsoft Dynamics NAV

  1. Insight in production orders or projects, bottlenecks and capacity utilization at a glance.
  2. The graphs are interactive, the user can modify the schedule by using the drag & drop functionality. Linked operations or tasks move along with these movements.
  3. Changes in planning must be stored before it makes changes in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This allows the planner to stimulate and try first before he makes real changes in to Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The control remains in the hands of the planner.
  4. The add-in is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and easy to use. That allows users to start sufficient with minimal explanation.
  5. A better and faster insight into the planning leads to better resource utilization and faster detection of bottlenecks, allowing corrective actions such as outsourcing.

The Gantt Chart Add-ins are certified add-on modules that are specific to Microsoft Dynamics NAV developed by Netronic. Netronic is a German company that is specializes in the development of Gantt Chart Tools. As Logic Vision we are pleased with our Netronic partnership.