HB Software

HBSoftware is the organization behind the product ExSION Reporting.

ExSION Reporting is an information management solution based on Excel. This makes ExSION Reporting quick and easy to use. By using ExSION Reporting, you can report from several sets of accounts in real time. In next to no time, you have access to your organization’s most up-to-date data.

As ExSION Reporting is based on Excel, ExSION is very easy to use and clear reports are visible in a familiar environment. It only takes one day of training to be proficient in generating all reports from Microsoft Dynamics NAV. ExSION Reporting borrows the existing roles and rights from Dynamics NAV.

ExSION Reporting can be used with all versions of Dynamics NAV from Navision Financials 2.6 to the new Dynamics NAV classic and RTC environments, and is ready for use with NAV2013. ExSION Reporting supports both implementations on the NAV Native database and on the modern Microsoft SQL Server.

Logic Vision has successfully collaborated with HBSoftware for years. Many of our clients already benefit from its ease of use and clear reports.