Service en repair

Service & Repair

You want to be able to respond quickly to questions regarding maintenance, damage or breakdown of vessels or engines. With this software you know immediately which vessel and/or motor is of concern and what activities have been carried out.

It is a fully integrated and flexible software module for the managing engine maintenance and repair work. It allows you to assist with breakdowns, and even prevent them.

Service Project
You can register maintenance or repair requests simply as service projects. You can attach measurement protocols and specific characteristics to the project. That could be a Vessel, a generator, an engine type, or an engine. Precisely what work and measurements you need to conduct and what level of tolerance can be allowed is written down. Instructions about tools and parts are also recorded alongside the service project. You can simply place your orders and keep the Item prices up to date, per supplier. You can offer a quotation or immediately start the job.

Standards Databank
Many service and maintenance activities in your industry are repetitive. These can be standardized in a simple manner in the Standards databank on the basis of hours worked and materials. You can also adjust these to the customer’s specifications. This means that you can make a quotation or put together a budget or estimation more quickly.

Thanks to the excellent capabilities in recording measurements, use of materials, and hours, you are always abreast of the measurements and work carried out on a service project.

Maintenance Activities
You plan simple, preventive maintenance. The various analysis functionalities allow you to make a cross-section, so that you can, for example, conduct preventive maintenance according to type of engine. This allows you to prepare yourself for your customer’s (future) questions. You optimize the engines’ durability and prevent unplanned downtime, unnecessary maintenance, repair costs, and consequential damage.