The solution for Towage & Salvage organizations. TugVision meets all certifications that Microsoft sets for Dynamics NAV solutions.

Logic Vision has a solution that covers business from A to Z in the shipping Industry: TugVision.
TugVision has been developed on the basis of Microsoft Dynamics NAV with which it is fully integrated. What exactly does this mean?

  • The job performed is matched to the contract and can subsequently be booked and invoiced directly.
  • The financial implications of work at the harbor can be seen directly in the system.
  • Relationship management takes places within the same system.
  • Your crew planning is integrated with HRM.

These are the key features of TugVision:

On board:

At the office:

Crew list

Tug planning


Digital travel documents

Purchase requests

Fleet personnel planning


Clear margin per voyage per boat

Ship journal

Comprehensive contract management

QHSE registration


Voyage conclusion 

Communication with harbor data management systems

Sales–Price Lists

Registration of standard tariff tables on the basis of Loa and Gross Tonnage. Defining the benefits (e.g. Cancellation, Dead Ship, Extra Pushing, Holding astream etc.). Pricing of services (e.g. Waiting) and registration of the standard bunker surcharges. Everything is clearly displayed and easy to manage.


TugVision is very flexible in matters of drawing up contracts. There are a number of possibilities:

  • Drawing up of contracts on the basis of price lists and existing contracts
  • Sliding-scale prices
  • Lump sum contracts
  • Creation of specific contract fees and services and price agreements with regard to this
  • Setting up flexible discount structures
  • Establishing agreements about brokerage
  • Insight into the historical course of your contract agreements

Technical Service

This module provides support to your technical service. The fleet personnel complete the purchase requests on board and send them to the office so they can be approved and processed by the technical department. As a result of all certificates, installation, and operating hours being known, the module can generate a maintenance proposal per boat on the basis of due data and hours sailed.

Fleet Personnel

TugVision allows you to input the long term crew according to different standard sailing schedules. Fleet planning is linked to the absence register. This means that employees who are absent for any reason (e.g. sickness, holidays, special leave) are not included in any shape or form in the standard planning. It is also possible to make changes to the planning up to the very last moment. The system also pays heed to the legal minimum crew, legal rest times, the validity of certificates/diplomas, and familiarity with the vessel.


Salaries are calculated on the basis of timesheets filled out on board, taking into account typical industry pay. The results of the calculation can be checked and subsequently exported to a salary package for a gross-net calculation.

QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety and Environment)

In this context, registration is carried out of (e.g. Damages, Near Misses, Injuries and Non Conformities, Job safety, Defects and associated corrective measures). Registration can take place either on board or on shore. All the certificates required on board vessels are tracked within the on-shore system so that action can be taken in a timely manner should any re-certification be necessary.


Exploitation projects can be created within the project modules. This allows you to keep a view over the consumption and income of your tugs.
Furthermore, this module can also be used for registration of new construction projects and Offshore & Specials.