Maritime / Maritime Suppliers

Maritime Suppliers

For you as a supplier, It is all about the delivery of goods and services. You are quick to respond and help your clients directly. Microsoft Dynamics NAV, supplemented by Logic Vision’s maritime solution, can automate your business processes from sales, warehouse management and invoicing to the faster, more accurate delivery of your product. The system is accessible and flexible; you control it fully so that it supports your business optimally.

"Logic Vision had thought about it and done it before. So we knew we were at the table with the right people. Moreover Logic Vision appeared to be already familiar with the maritime market."

Christiaan Fortuin (Yerseke Engine Services)

Our solutions



  • Contact management
  • Historical overview
  • Sales offers and order management
  • Motors

Trade Parts

  • Product configurator
  • Article catalog
  • Purchase proposal
  • Assembly

Warehouse Management

  • Stock management
  • Issue and intake
  • Exchange parts
  • Serial numbers

Service & Maintenance

  • Project management
  • Norms
  • Estimating and budgeting
  • Control technician


  • Sales invoices
  • Installment invoices
  • Advance invoices

Customer Support

  • Preventative maintenance
  • Stock management customers
  • Technical insight motors
  • Component and historical overview per vessel