A household name in the Dutch inland shipping industry since 1953 as a supplier of marine fuels and shipping supplies. A real family business, where Frank and Robert Heijmen have literally been ‘at the helm’ since 2007. They expanded the business with a branch in Rotterdam in 2014 and another one in Nijmegen in 2017.

The business stands out thanks to an approach that focuses on quality and individual attention to customers, which is an important aspect of its success. There are three delivery points and six bunker boats from which they supply customers in the Millingen aan de Rijn, Nijmegen and Rotterdam regions. And they can also supply customers throughout the rest of Europe via their extensive network of ‘bunker partners’. Their new inland navigation tanker ‘Independent’ came into use at the end of 2018. As a result, they can guarantee delivery of high-quality, clean fuel from the refinery to their customers’ vessels.

Bunkerstation Heijmen also has web shops at which existing and new customers can order their products.

“Together with Logic Vision, Bunkerstation Heijmen is ready for the future.”

Gerben van Eck Quote

Gerben van Eck - Financial Controller

FuelVision 365
When I started working for Bunkerstation Heijmen in Millingen, in 2005, they had just switched to Navision. To make this possible, they were using several different software solutions, none of which offered the information we were looking for. Data was fed into several packages to be able meet the information requirements. Our old software did not have the ability to extract all the information from one software solution. We came into contact with Logic Vision through a fellow business, Bunkerstation Papendrecht. They had plenty of experience in the oil industry with the Microsoft Dynamics NAV and FuelVision 365 package and the administration that goes with it. After an extensive demo and the promise that our wishes were workable, we made a start on installing Microsoft Dynamics in mid-2005.


Fully operational in just a few months
The Logic Vision consultants clearly know what they’re doing. The system was fully operational in just a few months. The changes we wanted to introduce to the software could be made without any problems. Our operations in Rotterdam (SBH Heijmen Rotterdam) and Nijmegen (Neptun Heijmen Nijmegen) also work with Microsoft Dynamics. The situation in Nijmegen was that we already had a solution that made it possible to incorporate specific existing discount structures in the generic Microsoft Dynamics solution.

All our bunker boats have workstations that are directly connected to our central server via a 4G connection. So we have all the information we require at our fingertips. In addition to FuelVision 365 we also use an Exsion module to analyse the administrative data in greater depth.

Bunkerstation Heijmen is a company that operates round the clock. We are available to our customers 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Continuity and reliability of the hardware and software are very important to us. And if there’s ever a problem, the help-desk staff and consultants are there to get you back on track quickly. Together with Logic Vision, Bunkerstation Heijmen is ready for the future.