Logic Vision is proud to present: TugVision!

TugVision is Logic Visionís recently published ERP software solution, specifically designed for organisations in Towage & Salvage.

TugVision is Logic Vision’s recently published ERP software solution, specifically designed for organisations in Towage & Salvage. Based on the worldwide platform Microsoft Dynamics NAV, TugVision supports all business and operational processes with one integrated software solution

  • The software comes fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV to provide a high level of compatibility.
  • It brings end-to-end functionality for sales, purchase, project management, contracting, billing, finance and CRM.
  • It delivers a communication layer to interface with 3rd party applications such as Port Data Management systems, mobile devices and eventual other systems.

TugVision was originally developed in close cooperation with Kotug. A large Dutch Towage organisation. Within this cooperation TugVision evolved from a simple module for CRM and invoicing to a full integrated solution to support a complete tug operation. At this point we realised that the benefits of an ERP suite dedicated to the towage and salvage industry will bring great advantages for the entire sector.

Today, the newest version of TugVision is ready for your approval. We sincerely hope the software will meet and exceed your expectations.

Purchase to Cash
Calculations take time and effort. Many tug organisations rely on a disjointed array of spreadsheets, documents and notebooks. With TugVision we’ve sought to bring speed, efficiency and reliability to the purchase-to-cash process. Users can simply register their clients, price specifics and contract details. Invoicing is immediate and flexible.

Planning and dispatching are TugVision’s prime focus. Teams need accurate and immediate information to plan efficiently. TugVision allows users to schedule movements, assistances per job and any other services as easily as they’d schedule their meetings in a calendar.

On-board usage
We have worked to prepare TugVision for action as both a digital steward and a purchasing officer, keeping track of all relevant on-board inventories. Minimal, maximal and actual stock are available at all times: at fleet level as well as per ship. Users may mark purchase points for critical parts and TugVision automatically suggests making a purchase when inventory drops below a set point.

Safety and quality are essential to your business – in the interest of the crew as well for your customers. TugVision was built to perform as a quality assurance officer. The software tracks and safeguards the various degrees in your organisation - from near misses (damages and/or injuries) to non-conformities. Register any (near) incidents on board and then plan the necessary follow-up steps as prompted to-dos to prevent any repetitions.

In Closing
We hope you’ll join us in the opinion that a new chapter in business process management has arrived to Towage and Salvage; we’re proud to have made this change available to your organisation. TugVision’s significant improvements to 1) your pricing, contracting and invoicing, 2) your dispatching, 3) your on-board usage and 4) your QHSE will put a smile on your shore management and a smile on your crew. 

Logic Vision
“Established in 1992, Logic Vision is a software supplier that supports business processes for organizations in among others the Maritime industry. In 2003 Logic Vision became Microsoft Gold Partner, specializing in business software integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Over 2,500 users work with Logic Vision software on a daily basis, supported by a team of 40 branch specialists to provide intelligent software solutions for business-specific requirements."