The energy transition is currently in full swing. Of course, we at Logic Vision are keeping a close eye on this. We have been active in the energy market for a very long time, have developed rich functionality to support companies in their business and want to continue doing that in a changing market.

The question we ask ourselves every day is: Are we still up to date and what can we add to make the lives of our users even better? First, let's take a look at the changes that are taking place. Sustainability is clearly the basis, but what are the consequences for the processes?

Reducing emissions
Even to the biggest critics it’s clear by now that if we don’t reduce greenhouse gas emissions, we will send the world back to the Carboniferous period. Personally, I would like to see a dragonfly with a wingspan of 70 cm fly as it did in the Carboniferous Era. But if nothing is donewe all just might end up being fish food as a result of rising sea levels.
Measures such as the IMO 2020 regulations to reduce sulphur-oxide emissions provide an impetus to set those changes in motion.
We see that, amongst other things, the shipping industry must switch to other fuels. In the short term, this means installing scrubbers or shifting to other fossil fuels. Short term improvements are being made here with VLSFO and LNG.
But where new ships are brought into service, electricity (for ferries), hydrogen (probably in the form of methanol or ammonia) might turn out to be the solution. With sustainable generation of the electricity needed to produce it, you then have a climate-neutral alternative to fossil fuel.


Electricity and LNG are important in the energy transition

What does this mean for FuelVision users?

In my introduction I mentioned that we’re asking ourselves what this means for our customers and whether they will still be happy with our solution in a year from now.
We have many FuelVision users who use our software for bunkering. For now, the conclusion is that the sustainable fuels are still just fuels. So this does not require an immediate change to our solution.
We do foresee that in the path towards sustainability the trade in emission rights will be getting more important. Not everyone will be able to reduce CO2 emissions to the extend required and others will do better than average. Therefore, in the next release of our product, functionality will be added to deal with this in an efficient way.

We can do it!
Our existing and future customers may rest assured that we do everything in our power to innovate and keep up with new developments. Would you like to know more or share your thoughts with us? Please let me know! I would be pleased to meet you, explain our solutions and exchange ideas on the future of the energy market.


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