Less manual work, faster processing

"With FuelVision 365, you can easily record your contract prices in the system, which saves a lot of manual work. Waiting times, surcharges, and storage costs depending on the delivery location, were not yet automated, but they are now included. This has made it less error-prone and we can process sales faster. Conversion factors, such as from megawatt-hours to metric tons, are now also integrated into the system. This gives us freedom in input and display on our invoices."

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All in one ERP software

Automate your business processes with FuelVision 365:

  • Limited customization
  • Faster updates
  • Extra flexibility

Standard functionalities:

FuelVision 365 consists of a core extension and flexible extensions.
The core extension contains functionalities that are indispensable for every energy trader. From oil trader to gas trader and from bunkerer to renewables trader.

Track and report in different units

As an energy trader, you want to know how much volume (liters actual or kilograms) you have sold and how many liters you have to register for customs (liters 15). So the conversion factors between mass, kilograms and liters actual are very important. Different units we always kept for traditional fuels and therefore we can also do it for new fuels. Whether it is LNG, butane or propane, thanks to the core extension it is possible to administer your different units and therefore also report in different units.

Daily prices

Business Central by default works with a number of valuation methods such as fixed transfer price, FiFo or LiFo. In energy trading, there is a need for a flexible valuation method and therefore the FuelVision 365 core includes its own stock valuation system. This means that we offer the ability to set a fixed transfer price per day at which your inventory is administered. It is also possible to make corrections after the fact to ensure that your margin remains correct.

Separate cost price per location

We make it possible to maintain a separate cost per location.

Example: If you have locations in Rotterdam and Maastricht, if the product arrives in Rotterdam and you then transport part of the product to Maastricht, you will incur extra costs and you will want to apply a higher cost price in Maastricht.

Customs functionality

The FuelVision 365 core maintains in detail the data required for customs. Separate customs entries are tracked and based on that, you can file your excise tax return or create your mass balance that provides insight into the beginning stock, positive and negative stock movements and ending stock per period.

Comprehensive sales prices

FuelVision 365 includes a very comprehensive and highly flexible sales pricing module. For example, prices can be set by customer (group), item (group), branch (group) or customer shipping code or a combination of these. You can also enter a manual price or an automatic index price based on any index such as Platts or Argus. An index price is calculated by a combination of the index and an index formula. This formula can be based on notations and/or a period such as last week, current month or last month.

Order type

Order types allow you to assign properties to purchasing and sales processes. Order types are used to indicate specific processes. Examples are sales on land or sea or sales to large or small customers.Per order type you can set certain properties such as:

  • Specific numbering of e.g. orders, invoices or credit notes.
  • Whether or not to assign a small order surcharge. Setting for collective invoicing.

Order templates

In addition to order types, there are also templates available in FuelVision 365. If you buy or sell in different units, you may want to have your order number and price always in kilograms for one supplier or customer and in liters for another supplier or customer. With order templates you can record this so that you automatically buy and sell in the correct units.

Stock mutations

In addition to buying and selling, FuelVision 365 supports the following inventory movements:

  • Rebook;
  • Move;
  • Blend;
  • Change colors;
  • Booking of level differences.

Based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Business Central is solid, but the standard does not address your specific business processes. That's why we developed FuelVision 365 with and for the oil and gas industry.
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Flexible & future proof

FuelVision 365 consists of different extensions.  The core extension contains functionalities that are indispensable for every energy trader. From oil trade to gas trade and from bunkering to renewables.

Thanks to the flexible extensions we only implement those features that are required for your specific line of business. It ensures a faster implementation and more value for money.

FuelVision365 extensions

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Oil trade

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Gas trade

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Terminals V2-1

Storage Terminals

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Optimal integration with Microsoft tools

Outlook & Excel
Due to the strong integration with Office, you send your documents with Outlook and you can retrieve your data quickly and easily to Excel. 

Power BI & Power Apps
Because Power BI, PowerApps, and Microsoft Flow are designed to work together, everyone across your business can quickly and easily build custom apps, automate workflows to improve business productivity, and analyze data for insights.

Teams brings everything together in a shared workspace where you can chat, hold meetings, share files and work with business apps.


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