ERP software for Towage & Salvage

Easily accessible and user-friendly for the fleet. And detailed and flexible for the office. That is TugVision 365.

The company-wide ERP system, with Microsoft Dynamics NAV as its basis, is completely tailored to the port and sea towing services and salvaging. Discover which towing services are desired in a single glance and plan the jobs, assistance, and the services surrounding the towing services.

TugVision 365 streamlines your business processes and ensures an optimal information transfer between the office and the fleet.

  • The job performed is matched to the contract
  • Job can be booked and invoiced directly
  • Direct insight in financial implications of harbour work
  • Crew planning integrated with HRM
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Pricing & Contracting

  • Surcharges, discounts, and rates
  • Contracts
  • CRM
  • (Digital) sales invoice
  • Commissions

Calculations are time-consuming. TugVision 365 ensures that the process is quick, efficient, and correct. You can easily register your customers, specific prices, and detailed contracts. You can design your invoices in an instant.

By means of a basic rates list, for instance per port or port area, you determine the price (i.e. select the unit per day, hour, and job or ship length, tonnage, and type). Subsequently, you simply add surcharges, discounts, and specific rates for specific services such as cancellation, dead ship, extra pushing, holding a stream, waiting, and bunkering.

Per customer, you can register multiple (lump sum) contracts. These include the individual price, discount, and commission agreements. Additionally, you can record your contacts, brokers, agents, and ship-owners. You can see immediately which invitations and mailings you have sent out and which (marketing) actions are still outstanding. This allows you to maximally maintain your relations.

On the basis of the executed work, calculations, contracts, and the rate list, the system will subsequently generate the invoices automatically. Moreover, you can also establish how you construct the invoices and send them (e.g. via c/o agent or via email). Additionally, you can invoice the discount separately.


  • Port data
  • Ship positions
  • Jobs, movements, and assistances

The planning. It forms the focus of TugVision 365. After all, efficient job planning is essential. This begins with reliable and up-to-date information. TugVision 365 has various links, so you can retrieve ship positions and port data and view ship information in real time. Subsequently, you plan the movements and assistance per job. And naturally, the remaining services. You can easily create a project for sea towing or salvaging. With TugVision 365, you can ensure that the jobs are optimally connected.

Crew planning

  • Obligated resting times
  • Certificates and diplomas
  • Absence registration

TugVision 365 keeps track of the planning of the crew on a tug account with countless requirements. Think of obligatory resting times, the validity of certificates and diplomas, the familiarity with the ships, and the minimally obligatory crew per tug. Furthermore, the fleet planning is linked to the absence registration; employees who are ill, on holiday, or on special leave are not available in the system.

Purchase & Stock

  • Stock management
  • Purchase limits and authorization
  • Purchase history
  • (Digital) purchase invoice

Via TugVision 365, you can manage the stock items on board. The system keeps track of the central stock and the minimal and maximal stock per boat, and the order point (for the critical parts). TugVision 365 subsequently automatically generates a purchase proposal if the stock drops below the order point.

Via the on-board module, it is possible to generate purchase conditions on board (i.e. for stock articles, provision, bunkering, and parts). Subsequently, you can handle the purchase requests of various tugs in the office, and possibly combine them into one order to achieve a purchase advantage/discount. The reception registration takes place on board. After reception, you can digitalize the purchase invoice.

Including inspection moments is also easy. The employees in the office first authorize the purchase requests of the fleet and subsequently send these through. You can add individual purchase limits and receive a warning of the system if these are exceeded. Via the history, you can evaluate the purchases per ship, supplier, work order, or project. You can evaluate the quality of suppliers by monitoring the requested delivery dates and the back orders closely. In short, you structure the purchase process. The result: a saving of the costs and increase of the quality.


  • Quality management system
  • Near misses and non-conformities
  • Permit-to-work
  • Trend analyses

Safety and quality are essential in your branch, both for you and (potential) customers. TugVision functions as a quality management system. TugVision monitors and guards the various steps of the near misses (damages and/or injuries) or non-conformities within the organization. You can immediately register a (near) incident on board. On land, you can plan possible subsequent actions (to-does) to prevent recurrence.

The ISM regulations, ISO certificates, the coastguard regulations… there are increasingly more regulations and laws to follow. You have to apply and manage these consistently in the organization. It is also important that the crew signs the regulations to indicate they have taken notice of them. You can do so digitally via permit-to-work within TugVision. Moreover, the system will automatically send an email to the crew and the people involved in case of possible alterations. In TugVision, you register checklists with reminders for exercises, meetings, and inspections. In doing so, you keep the training materials and manuals up to date.

Thanks to the detailed trend analyses within TugVision, you know exactly what is going on in the field of QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment). All (fleet) data is centrally available and you have all information ready immediately in case of an audit. You increase the safety of your crew and meet the highest quality demands.

Finance & Reports

  • Financial integration
  • ExSION
  • SEPA
  • Power BI

TugVision 365  and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central completely financially integrated. Practically every action in the system will create a change in the ledger account. With the reporting tool ExSION, you can also closely analyze the performance of your organization.

You can easily make separate reports about, for instance, the turnover per tug and job or the maintenance costs. Naturally, Business Central supports SEPA. With TugVision 365, you will keep the (financial) overview.


  • Port data Port of Rotterdam
  • Port data Port of London
  • Port data Port of Hamburg
  • Port data Port of Bremerhaven
  • Port data Port of Amsterdam
  • Port data Portof  Gent/Antwerpen

In order to support your planning, TugVision 365 has links to several essential data systems. You can view information of the ship positions and data worldwide, but also the ship movements within the ports of Rotterdam, London, Hamburg, and Bremerhaven. Up-to-date information such as ETA, ETD, mooring locations, pole numbers, shiftings, and piloting times directly feed your planning in TugVision 365. Thanks to TugVision 365, your planners will never miss a job.

Moreover, you can import AIS data via TugVision 365. This allows you to monitor ships in a certain area. You can also define passage lines and the system will send you a warning if a ship passes these. You can easily import the ship’s data via the link to the ship register. This includes the history of owners, and the lengths, widths, and depths of the ships.

Would you like to import data of other ports? Within TugVision 365, links to other port data management systems are part of the possibilities.

Plannend Maintenance

  • Work order handling
  • Configuration
  • Components

With TugVision 365 you can plan your maintenance in order to prevent break downs.
Onboard you get insight in scheduled maintenance tasks, while in the office you can monitor the progress.

Get a clear insight in required maintenance for every single component. In our planned maintenance solution all maintenance tasks are connected to individual components. These tasks can be set per date or per a maximum of running hours.

Tugvision 365 sends a notification when it is time for maintenance. To ensure a proper reporting, adding an attachment such as a PDF, is required.


Insight & Power

Due to the strong integration with Office, you send your documents with Outlook and you can retrieve your data quickly and easily to Excel. 

Power Suite
Because Power BI, PowerApps, and Microsoft Flow are designed to work together, everyone across your business can quickly and easily build custom apps, automate workflows to improve business productivity, and analyze data for insights.

Teams brings everything together in a shared workspace where you can chat, hold meetings, share files and work with business apps.

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