Are your projects the centrepiece of your organisation?

From estimation to post-calculation, including full financial processing: in ProVision365, your projects take centre stage.

  • Insight and control over your projects
  • Extensive forecast
  • Complete and reliable financial administration
  • Simple configuration of complex projects

Insight into your projects

Insight into your projects during and after the project.

  • Costs
  • Goods
  • Hours
  • Financial bookings
  • Invoicing


Make complete quotations

The project configurator serves as an extension for your sales process so that you can configure and calculate your project. Think about: 

  • Sales prices
  • Discounts
  • Price agreements
  • Different project prices

Project templates

Setting up projects quickly

In ProVision365, you will find all information about the production process for each project and control all processes from work preparation.

  • Quickly set up a project thanks to the project templates
  • Use existing project definitions
  • Configure exactly as your customers want it

Visual scheduling

Visualise your projects

Visualise your jobs and job tasks easily with drag & drop. The Visual Jobs Scheduler supports:

  • Horizontal movements (e.g. change of start and end date), vertical changes (e.g. change of resource allocation).
  • Modification of task scheduling line quantity.
  • Implementing and visualising task dependencies simultaneously through simple interactions.
  • Splitting of task planning lines.

Budget vs actual

Extensive forecast

In ProVision365, you create projects with a 0 position (the baseline). Your project controllers look at costs and expected revenue.

When a project starts, everything is still on schedule and you create a baseline. A baseline is basically an initial forecast of expected expenditure that you can use for your initial forecast. When adjustments are made, you can indicate the reason for the adjustment in question so that you can always analyse it afterwards.

  • Baseline
  • Budget hours in number
  • Budget hours in amount
  • Work orders

Project control

No loose ends anymore

Is a product or a part of the project ready for shipment?
From within the project, you can easily create a shipment for this. Before closing the project, you set up checks: for example, are there still hours to be booked and have all project-related purchase and sales orders been completed? This way you can be sure there are no loose ends.

Financial insights

Real grip on work in progress

With ProVision365, you really get a grip on your work in progress by seeing in one overview what your forecast is and what percentage of the forecast has actually already been executed.

  • Pure percentage of completion when determining work in progress
  • Order intake reporting: signed contracts overview
  • Insight into number of closed deals per period

ERP software en Projectsoftware in een systeem ProVision365 van Logic Vision gebaseerd op Dynamics 365 Business Central

Projects, material planning and accounting in one system

  • Financial project information immediately visible
  • Link with financial administration and material planning
  • Lower costs by using one system
  • No interface needed between ERP and project management

Improve your business processes

Find out how ProVision365 enriches the standard functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.


Advanced quote creation

Configure project
With the project configurator, you feel all activities or products to be included in the project and can make calculations. Think about: 

  • Sales prices
  • Discounts
  • Price agreements
  • Different project prices
  • Creating a quotation

Once the configuration is complete, a quote can be created from it and sent to the customer. Recording revisions is supported so that when a customer approves a quote, the approved version can be promoted to a project.

Project control takes off
All detailed information from the configuration is transferred to the project data, starting the project control process.


All information in one place

Entity card
Your projects are related to an entity. This entity can be something you built or can be a (moving) location where (your) products are installed and maintained. With ProVision365 you have all project information in one central place. 

Component card
A component map provides information about warranty, maintenance tasks and (mandatory) inspections and certifications.
Recurring maintenance tasks can be set based on an elapsed period and/or hours of operation.

ProVision365 supports lifecycle product management and scheduled maintenance optionally in conjunction with customer service contracts. A contract can be created for selected components and related maintenance tasks. Specific price agreements, information on customer work procedures and billing methods can be recorded. A wide range of (prepaid) billing methods can be selected. And indexing and renewal of contracts is supported.

Item catalog extension
ProVision365 extends Business Central's item catalog management to further support the project engineering process. A project engineer can choose from their company's item catalog or, if needed, can create and use a project-specific item. These project specific items are based on a template so that all required settings are performed for the item.


Planning made easy with drag & drop

Task scheduling
Task scheduling rules in Business Central support project work preparation.
ProVision365 adds fields for:

  • Scheduling
  • Delivery options
  • Weight calculation
Work Orders
Work orders can be used to group a selection of task planning rules. Work orders are useful for planning your resources and monitoring work progress.

Visual scheduling
Facilitate your project and resource planning with interactive Gantt charts.

  • Get control of your projects and resources through better transparency
  • Ensure better staffing of your projects
  • Make better and faster scheduling decisions


Procurement from the task planning

With ProVision365, you have a direct link between order planning line and purchase order line. From the task planning lines, the demand for items and/or services is visible to the purchaser.

With ProVision365, the purchaser can:

  • Create purchase orders directly from this demand.
  • Process multiple lines into one purchase order per specified supplier


Flexible project logistics

ProVision365 makes the logistics functionalities of Business Central more flexible. It supports different logistics scenarios, from drop shipments to special project locations in your warehouse or on site.
There are several additions to Business Central's warehouse functionality:

  • Boxing and packing shipments
  • Grouping of selected shipments into one warehouse shipment to reduce processing costs
  • Preparation of project-related shipments including de-assembly and multiple shipping addresses
  • Prepared to process common warehouse transactions by communicating with handheld scanners
  • Job Inventory allows you to view inventory of unused items purchased directly or transferred from stock for a specific job.

After sales

After sales and warranty

To support your after sales and warranty processes, ProVision365 expands Business Central on the following functionalities:

Spare parts
Manufacturer, model and manufacturer's part number can be recorded on the part and derived part card. A serial number can be stored on the parts card for quick reference to your own or the manufacturer's catalog.

For some used parts, it is common practice to overhaul them if possible. In ProVision365, items can be set up with a deposit charge as an incentive for the customer to deliver their old used part to you.

Service and maintenance
While processing a service call from your customer, ProVision365 displays possible existing scheduled maintenance tasks for that customer and its entity and component. This allows you to combine work related to the service call with scheduled maintenance tasks during a service visit; reducing travel time and costs.

Warranty ranges
A warranty range can be set for combinations of item warranty groups and customer groups. Warranty terms can be made specific to a project and may depend on the installation date and/or delivery date.


More control over your project costs and project invoicing

ProVision365 gives you more control over your project costs and project billing, and records expected variances.

Cost control
ProVision365 adds Baselines, Forecasts and Change orders to the Job functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

  • Baselines are used to store budgets at a specific time in a project to build a budget history.
  • Forecasts allow a project manager/controller to record expected deviations from the budget the moment information about a potential deviation comes to light.
  • Changorders support the process of calculating and quoting change requests and processing the changes in the project after approval
ProVision365 extends Business Central's Job Invoicing functionality to include:

  • Multiple clients per project
  • Choice of billing method (time & material or fixed price) at project and job level
  • Invoicing with fixed amounts in foreign currency
  • Grouping and sorting presets for invoice document layout


Extensive financial reports

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an integrated financial solution: Inventory, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Bank Accounts, Fixed Assets and Work in Progress are integrated with the General Ledger.
ProVision365 adds the following features to Business Central:

Credit Managment Cockpit
Manage your past due open items with ProVision365's Credit Management Cockpit. This allows you to from one central location:

  • Log interactions
  • Resend invoices
  • Send reminders
Use forecasts for project control
The standard Business Central WIP calculation method Percentage of Completion uses the cost value of the project budget as the denominator.
ProVision365 allows you to use forecasts for project control and thus, if desired, use the forecast cost value as the denominator in the Percentage of Completion calculation.

Select who can use which general ledger account
ProVision365 allows you to restrict the use of each general ledger account. You can select general ledger accounts that may be used by buyers or sellers, for example.

Order intake reporting
In addition to P&L reporting, ProVision365 also allows you to report your company's order intake.

Based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

ProVision365 is an extension for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Navision).

  • Reliable ERP software
  • Microsoft continues to develop Business Central, keeping your software up to date
  • Investment with long term value

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