Who we are?

Not an IT company that trims its sails according to the wind, but a solid, reliable partner with years of experience.
Logic Vision is Microsoft gold partner Logic Vision is Microsoft dynamic 365 bussiness central
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The story behind the lighthouse


The lighthouse has been the Logic Vision symbol for over 20 years. The reliable pillar in turbulent waters of an ERP implementation. 

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Een logisch proces

A logic process

Our approach

Find out how we help our customers. 

Coffee and champagne?

Human interaction is key

Judith is happy to help

Receptionist old-fashioned? That's not what we believe!
We do work with computers, but we prefer to talk to people.

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Different types, one team

Our People

Find out who we are and why we work here more than 12 years on average.




Make ERP human and therefore understandable for everyone. People are also the most important instruments when it comes to ERP and its implementation. The products are abstract and, without a correct introduction,there is no added value.

The human relationship with the customer is also central. Logic Vision does not see itself as a supplier, but more as a partner and for this reason it also wants to start a partnership "for life". Satisfied people at the customer is therefore our ultimate goal.

To invest
Investing in knowledge is one of the other most important goals that Logic Vision has set itself. With the accumulated knowledge, Logic Vision tries to maintain its lead in the market and to further expand it.

Ultimate goal
Our mission is to become and remain market leader within the markets where we operate, with the ultimate goal of profitability and continuity for our clients.
That is our ultimate goal.

How do we do that?
Logic Vision stands for a no-nonsense Rotterdam mentality: "actions speak louder than words".

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A full solution with

Our partner products

Logic Vision uses a number of add-ons to complement our ERP solution.


ExSION Reporting - HB Software

HBSoftware is the organization behind the product ExSION Reporting.

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Document Capture - Continia

Employees no longer have to enter data into the administrative and financial systems.

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Document Output - Continia

Save heavily on time, paper, packing and postage. Benefit from Document Output.

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Digital forms - More App

Combine your digital forms with Dynamics 365 Business Central. 

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Blue 10

Blue10 automates your administration.

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SQL Perfom

SQL Perfom focuses on enhancing performance of Microsoft Dynamics products on Microsoft SQL Server.

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Gantt Charts - Netronics

Interactive Gantt charts have been delivering a proven value to production scheduling in many ERP systems.

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Dime Scheduler

Dime takes a unique position in the Microsoft Dynamics partner channel as a distributor of horizontal add-ons for ERP and CRM system.

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Authorisations - 2-Control

2-Control modules allow you to set up authorizations to field-level access and manage them easily.

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