Your projects integrated with your production?

Is project management vital for your operations and are you producing products based on the specific requirements of your customers (ETO, CTO, MTO)?
The integration between project management and production control is something that most ERP systems do not handle very well.

With ProVision365 Plus you get:

  • All functionalities of our add on ProVision 365
  • Production orders as working documents under your overall project (no longer individual).

Insight into production orders at project level

In ProVision365 Plus, production orders are no longer independent production orders but working documents under the overarching project. 

  • This gives you project-level insight into the progress of all production orders.
  • No more need to analyse per production order!

Work in progress insights

Get a complete overview of work in progress status.

  • Insight into work in progress of production orders
  • Insight into costs incurred by project managers
  • Insight into costs of "loose material
  • Insight into purchase invoices

Monitoring project stock with multiple sites

For each production item, you get line-level visibility of the warehouse stock per location.

Thé ERP partner for manufacturing

  • Project based manufacturing
  • Custom orders manufacturing

Optimal integration with Microsoft tools

Due to the strong integration with Office, you send your documents with Outlook and you can retrieve your data quickly and easily to Excel.

Power Suite
Because Power BI, PowerApps, and Microsoft Flow are designed to work together, everyone across your business can quickly and easily build custom apps, automate workflows to improve business productivity, and analyze data for insights.

Teams brings everything together in a shared workspace where you can chat, hold meetings, share files and work with business apps.
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