Over the past few decades, Balk Shipyard has focused primarily on refitting yachts. With numerous extraordinary refits and rebuilds under its belt, the yard has proven its expertise time and again. In addition to specialising in refits and rebuilds, Balk Shipyard also builds new superyachts. By upgrading the ERP system, the company ensures continuity of existing business processes and starts working more efficiently.


Business continuity

Because the current version (Navision + our shipyard module) will no longer be supported, it was time to consider an upgrade in order to ensure the continuity of business operations. Balk Shipyard would like to continue to manage its processes with our standard solution for yacht building and shipbuilding: ShipVision 365 based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Another important development is the fact that many people with knowledge of the previous version have left the organization. The upgrade offers a great opportunity to reconsider current processes and to streamline these processes to latest version of the ERP system.
As a result work can be done more efficiently, thanks to improved Project Control possibilities.

Because ShipVision 365 is already tailor-made for yacht and shipbuilding, customization is hardly necessary which is very important to the company. As Balk Shipyard opts for an upgrade within Microsoft Dynamics, a large number of (project) historical data can be transferred to the new version.


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