After a process in which the keyusers of Veth Propulsion and the Logic Vision Consultants were actively tested and trained, the old database was upgraded to a new version.

The big advantage of this upgrade method is that the learning curve for users and key users remains limited. The processes do not change but new functionality is available and the new interfaces are used.

Veth Propulsion wants to get started with new available functionality after the upgrade. With the upgrade the old license has also been adapted and expanded, modules that had to be purchased in the past are now available as standard within the upgraded license

Of course this was celebrated with a delicious piece of cake! Congratulations to everyone who has made such an effort!


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About Veth Propulsion

Veth Propulsion is a customer-oriented international manufacturer of auxiliary propulsions and propulsion machinery for ships. This family company, which was established in Papendrecht in the Netherlands, is a global player and a leader in innovation, quality, flexibility and speed and it provides employment to 150 people. Our employees make the difference and they are proud to work for Veth Propulsion.

SINCE 1951

At Veth Propulsion you can expect the highest quality, service and innovation. Sustainability (Corporate Social Responsibility) is another aspect that has been added. Veth Propulsion has been a strong part of the maritime sector since 1951.

Our core business is the production of rudder propellers and bow thrusters, generator sets and the supply, service and repair of diesel engines. Veth Propulsion is a dealer for Scania and Sisu Diesel. Veth Propulsion has been synonymous with innovative developments in the shipping industry for various customer groups for many decades now.


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