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Bunkering is a different world altogether. With that in mind we created our ERP-software FuelVision 365. Insightful, easy to use and has several adaptable features. FuelVision 365 integrates seamlessly with your business processes.

This way you can simply build a complex pricing structure using FuelVision 365. Excise amounts are carefully calculated and recorded. With nomination functionalities, commission registration, credit checks and digital files… , you can switch between different menus with ease while registering everything in an easy-to-use software solution. That saves time. Absolutely perfect for the bunker-world.

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Purchasing & Sales

  • (Digital) invoicing
  • Credit limit and letter of credit
  • Back-to-back delivery

Smart purchasing and sales are essential in your industry.
This requires oversight as well as insight. FuelVision 365 allows you to register all your appointments. You can, for example, log all contracts with price agreements such as delivery, quantity, and quality. Save quotes, request purchase orders and nominate based on index or spot prices. The many standards, classifications, and qualities can all be noted using FuelVision 365 .

Lots & triggers? These can all be entered into FuelVision 365 . Credit risk is covered by a credit limit or a letter of credit. With that FuelVision 365 covers all requirements, including outstanding orders or expired invoices. Note: you will receive a warning in the event the amount agreed upon is exceeded. Furthermore, it is possible to link a credit limit and letter of credit to multiple customers or suppliers. The credit status can be found anywhere in FuelVision 365 .

You probably work with commissioners. In FuelVision 365 , you log the commissioner's name and details of the sales commission. Regarding compensation, FuelVision 365 automatically generates a note based on the actual quantity delivered. FuelVision 365 also supports back-to-back deliveries. You can register the price, the commission if applicable, and process the bunker delivery note (BDN). The quantity, temperature, and quality are already registered and can quickly be found again. The sales order also acts as the purchase order, and FuelVision 365 automatically sends the invoice. How easy is that?


  • Index formulas and price agreements
  • Provisional and final price
  • Automatic billing

Large amounts, small margins.
Earnings in the bunker industry are the difference between purchasing and sales and the constant shift in increasing and decreasing oil prices on the world market. Rational price management is key. In FuelVision 365, prices are calculated based on index formulas and price agreements. For example, based on biweekly or monthly average of Platts high. Adding the average exchange rate, FuelVision 365 then calculates the provisional price. At the end of the period, FuelVision 365 automatically determines the definitive price and the difference between definitive and provisional. A (credit) invoice is automatically created based on this. Of course, the invoice can also be sent automatically.


  • Index notation
  • Own inventory price
  • Liters 15 degrees and kilos

Which tanker contains which product with which quality and how much?
Of course, you want to know exactly what you have in your inventory. You can quickly access a complete overview at the end of the month. You can configure FuelVision 365 entirely based on your requirements and into your own inventory valuation system. For example, you can base the inventory valuation on an index notation but also on your own inventory price. In addition, FuelVision 365 registers inventory in different units: liters 15 degrees and kilos. Reports are easily run in both units, no matter how you purchase or sell the product.


  • Liters 15 degrees and kilos
  • Customs posts
  • Movement of Goods

The bunkering world is an international one.
Excises and import tariffs often cost a significant amount of money. Customs will closely verify if everything is legitimate and impose strict requirements when it comes to administration. All kinds of rules that need to be adhered to and may change often. A fine or penalty can even be issued in the event of incorrect accountability. It's comforting to know that everything is covered.

Complete excise registration is possible in FuelVision 365: you can always monitor where your product is, where it was purchased, and to which seagoing ships or competitors you sold it. FuelVision 365 monitors your inventory in liters 15 degrees and kilos. You can see the customs status of the product and whether the licenses are in order. Additionally, you can also see which suppliers or competitors have a license at a glance. All excise registration information is stored separately in the customs posts. These customs posts can easily be checked and reported. Everything is recorded, accounted for and substantiated. Any potential controls or checks can be met comfortably.

Digital files

  • Drag and drop
  • Bunker delivery receipt
  • E-mail functionality

Everything with one simple press of a button.
FuelVision 365 provides a comprehensive overview. All the important documents can be found in the digital file, including sales invoices, purchase orders, bunker delivery notes (BDN) and price agreements. After scanning the BDN, you can, for example, link the document to the digital file. Drag and drop also lets you easily add e-mails, Excel or Word documents and PDFs to the file. An e-mail can, for example, be dragged to the digital file in FuelVision 365. Or annotations in Word. Or price calculations in Excel. That saves quite a few actions and also time. Any and all information regarding a deal is made available immediately.

Using as little paper as possible, an important factor to consider in today's environmentally-conscious society. Simply stated, FuelVision 365 is a digital hole-in-one. Once a tanker has bunkered and the skipper has signed off, he scans the BDN. The main office is then immediately informed, linking the scan to the corresponding sales order and file. When creating a sales invoice, an e-mail template is made ready with the desired text, the BDN and specific signature. This is sent directly from FuelVision 365. This applies to the sales contract, quote, purchase order or credit note. Absolutely everything is customizable.

The Inland Shipping

  • Connecting cash registers and suppliers
  • Scan functions
  • Reporting possibilities

At bunker stations for inland shipping, not only is the bunker of vital importance but shop management as well.
Recreational users, for example, prefer to pay in cash, bunker smaller quantities and may also want to buy a chocolate bar or a bottle of wine. You are dealing with staff, marketing and numerous items and different prices. FuelVision 365 also provides a solution for this.

Within FuelVision 365, all shop and bunkering operations are easy to register. On top of that, FuelVision 365 offers a wide range of connections. To supplier cash register systems for example. Inventory, prices, and sales promotions are actual and regularly updated. Prices of products sold in the shop are super easy to register with the extensive scan functionality. Shop employees can scan the deliveries and easily track sales. Via any device. For the back office and management, this means a quick and actual overview. Linking data and running reports for a better oversight has never been easier. Thanks to the look & feel of Microsoft, FuelVision 365 is both straightforward and intuitive to use.


  • Dimensions
  • Lists
  • SQL Reporting Services
  • ExSION
  • Excel
  • Microsoft Power Platform

A traditional ERP system contains a lot of data. However, creating high quality reports often is not easy. FuelVision 365 puts that problem firmly in the past. Thanks to its clear dashboard, it is easy to connect data and draw conclusions. It supports you in management, underpins decisions, and makes the right choices visible in an intelligent way. It is indispensable in the dynamic market of the oil trade. You get more control of your cash flow, a better grasp on your business processes, and you increase your margins.

For example, your data a can be enriched with dimensions which helps with the analysis of your general ledger entries. You can add tags to each transaction. For example, you can subdivide customers into large and medium businesses. Or, if you work internationally, you can use the country of origin as a tag. The possibilities are endless. You can analyse your margin with ease, compare the sales to the prognosis, make your own (excise) reports, and discover trends and relationships. Furthermore, FuelVision 365 is compatible with many different accounting systems, including SQL Reporting Services, ExSION and, of course, Excel.

Microsoft Power Platform

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  • Integration
  • Excises
  • Debtors and creditors management

All your activities have repercussions on your cash flow.
It goes without saying that all the different components in FuelVision 365 are integrated. This includes excise registration, stock valuation based on index or spot prices, purchase, and sale. Manage accounting, prices, and inventory. FuelVision 365 also has numerous functions when it comes to ​​creditors and debtors management. You have insight into which posts are open, reminders are sent automatically and you can block debtors without a problem. FuelVision 365 enables a clear overview of your financial situation.

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