FuelVision 365 for Gas trade

ERP Software for Gas trade

FuelVision 365 keeps up to date with the Platts and Argus listing. Stock mutations are recorded in actual volume, temperature volume and mass and meter readings from your customers are automatically integrated in the invoice you create for them.

Knowledge of the gas industry. That is the foundation of our ERP system FuelVision 365.
Made to measure with specific functions to streamline processes within the gas sector. Moreover, you work faster, more efficiently and strengthen your services with the CRM and service modules.

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Perfectly suited for LNG

Trading in LNG means some of your business processes are different. FuelVision 365 supports index prices based on CE, TTF, ZTP and Powernext and TTF month ahead pricing.  Also measure units MWh, J and kJ are available. What about commissioning and decommissioning?

Logic Vision does not only provide you a system that fits your business, we also speak your language.

Purchase and Sales

  • Kilos and liters
  • (Digital) invoicing
  • Working Stock

There is a lot of variation in the gas industry. For example, you purchase on the basis of kilograms or metric tons (weight) and you sell in liters. FuelVision supports both units. The system keeps track of how many kilos you have received, how many liters you have disbursed, and it sells it at the conditions stipulated by the contract. Propane and butane can be registered separately and then unloaded as LPG.

Do you sell cylinders? You record sales in units and keep track of your customers’ working stock. FuelVision 365 automatically calculates (according to contracts) whether customers get some of their deposit back or whether they need to pay extra. FuelVision 365 also records meter readings, makes installment invoices, and calculates actual consumption. You can send hundreds of invoices at the push of a button. This is done digitally, so you save on labor and postage costs. FuelVision 365 makes it easy for you.


  • Flexible and Fixed Prices
  • Discounts and surcharges
  • Platts and Argus

Prices can be decided flexibly, but can also be fixed. FuelVision 365 takes account inter alia of the world gas prices, the dollar exchange rate, the national retail price, and the Platts or Argus listing. You can also easily add (customer specific) discounts and surcharges. You invoice the customer on the basis of the day prices and the system calculates the average price afterwards. This gives you direct insight into the difference.

You can also input fixed prices. For example, for cylinders: the price and the deposit. Furthermore, it is possible to create price agreements for gas consumption over longer periods. You can create installment invoices and manage prices for your meter customers. FuelVision 365 makes it simple to work out what the monthly installment should be, should you so wish, according to a fixed reduction for a fixed price. The data automatically appears on the invoice.

Trip Administration

  • Transport Receipts
  • Links
  • Telemetry

Current and accurate information is paramount. Thanks to FuelVision 365, you know exactly which products you are loading and unloading, in what quantities, and when these activities take place. The system then creates transport receipts. FuelVision 365 contains a link to the board computer of the tank truck or to a handheld computer. At a glance, you can see how much gas you have unloaded. The system also comprises a link that allows you to read the telemetry data of the tanks. Thanks to the tank meter, you know exactly how much gas the tank contains. You can also arrange to have a reminder sent to you as soon as the tank is empty.

When loading, you again add the data via the handheld computer or the board computer. You can select the number of cylinders to be transported per truck and how many cylinders are returned, both per piece and per kilo. At the push of a button, you can transfer the information from the transport receipts to the purchase and sales orders, and then to the invoices. That means, you can always be sure that your invoices are correct.

Furthermore, FuelVision 365 is compatible with transport planning systems. You input the data once and leave it to the planning system to work out the best route.


  • Inventory per Location
  • Integration of Transport Administration
  • Production & Relocation
  • Inventory Valuation and Financial Administration

The depot, storage, and gas tanks: your inventory is spread across different locations. FuelVison 365 keeps track of your stocks per location as well as the current stocks in kilos, liters, and units. FuelVision 365 reads the telemetry data from the bulk tanks and then automatically adjusts the inventory. Thanks to integration with transport administration, you know exactly what stocks you have in your trucks.

Do you want to mix products? It is also easy to initiate production or relocation of products . For example, from propane and butane to LPG. Or do you want to empty gas cylinders into the filling plant in your depot? You will see this directly in the inventory information in FuelVision 365. Furthermore, you can also record in your inventory other suppliers’ stocks of empty cylinders. This allows you to know if you need to keep deposits in payment or whether you need to return money to the customer. The information you want automatically appears on the invoice.

FuelVision 365 takes account of various factors when valuing stock: the Platts and Argus listing, national retail price, and purchase and sales contracts, both including and excluding excise. Additionally, you can make your calculations either on the basis of a fixed price or of a daily price. FuelVision 365 is fully integrated and the stock valuation is always up to date.

Excise Reporting

  • Current Liters and Kilos
  • Customs’ Entries
  • Excise Warehouse

The monthly declaration, customs, and controls: your excise records have to be up to date and complete. FuelVision 365 keeps track of your stock in current liters and kilos. At a glance, you can see how many kilos you have in stock and how many liters you have actually unloaded. Customer’s entries are recorded in a separate table that is easy to print out. Furthermore, the system registers which traders have excise warehouses, so you can easily purchase duty-free. You have all the data in hand if you are checked and you can make your monthly declaration quickly and easily.


  • Dimensions
  • Statements
  • SQL Reporting Services
  • ExSION
  • QlikView
  • Excel
  • Microsoft Power Platform

Thanks to FuelVision 365’s clear dashboard, you can easily connect data and draw conclusions. It supports you in management, underpins your decisions, and makes the right choices visible in an intelligent manner. You have more control of your cash flow and more control over your business processes.

For example, Dimensions helps you analyze your general ledger entries. You can tag any of your transactions. You can subdivide your customers into private and business. You carry out margin analysis in a simple way, compare the end result to the prognosis, make your own (excise) reports, and discover trends and relationships. Statements and reports are easy to put together based on key performance indicators (KPIs): for example the average number of kilometers per drop. FuelVision 365 offers countless opportunities. Furthermore, FuelVision 365’ is compatible with various accounting systems. Think of SQL Reporting, ExSION, QlikView and, of course, Excel.

Microsoft Power Platform

Power BI
Create a data-driven culture by enabling everyone to turn data into insightful visualizations they can use to make business decisions quickly and confidently.

Power Apps
Build custom apps in hours -not months- that connect to your existing data and systems to help solve your specific process and business needs.

Construct automated workflows in minutes across hundreds of popular apps and services—no-coding required.


  • Contact Management
  • Campaigns

Effective service is essential. Good CRM functionalities are therefore an indispensable support. You simply add the rental and service contracts of the tanks to FuelVision 365. You also create contact people, accord statuses (from lead to customer), and record contact opportunities. Make comprehensive budgets and schedules, register marketing campaigns, and add specific customers. You can also highlight why certain contracts were canceled and where your opportunities lie.


  • Integration
  • Excise
  • Debtor and Creditor Management

The whole system’s backbone: finance. You can immediately see all changes in the general ledger. FuelVision 365 is indeed fully integrated. Think about purchases and sales, excise registration, stock valuation, or transport management and price management. Fuel Vision 365 also features numerous functions in the area of creditor and debtor management. You can see which entries are open, reminders are automatically sent, and it is easy to block debtors. With Fuel Vision 365 you have a clear view of your financial situation.

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