Monitoring your margin is important. Therefore, in order to make good decisions, reliable Business Intelligence is very important. However, data can only be analyzed properly if it is recorded uniformly. And that is still a major challenge for many companies.

Is your company still working with information silos?

Many companies operate with separate information silos. This means that information flows from, for example, purchasing, production, sales, logistics, service, customer relationship management, etc., run alongside each other. In addition to the fact that you probably spend a lot of time (unnecessarily) processing data manually, it is also difficult to get a grip on your business processes. To get a grip, it is important to record your data in a uniform way. For this you need so-called master data. This master data combines data from multiple sources so that you can compare apples with apples instead of apples with oranges.

Power BI Dashboard op basis van gegevens in ERP software van Logic Vision-1Reliable master data is crucial for reporting in Power BI.

Digitization with master data management

Master data management is an essential foundation in digital transformation. After all, this can only really get off the ground if data from multiple sources is brought together in one master data repository. Results can only be achieved when the data management of all data sources is in order. These are, for example, that you are much better able to optimize business processes and supply chains or that you have better insight into what the most lucrative customer segments are and where new sales opportunities lie. Master data management stimulates your digital transformation and it is better to get it right before digitization is rolled out further in your organization.

How ERP software ensures reliable master data

When you choose an ERP system, you take a big step towards reliable master data. After all, many of your business processes are digitized during the implementation of ERP software. So it does not matter which ERP software you choose, you are taking a big step anyway by putting an end to the separate information silos.


The most insights with industry-specific ERP software

The more business processes you can accommodate in your ERP system, the more master data you generate and the more business processes you can analyze.

Practical example
An example is capturing different components that make up your price. By capturing these components in FuelVision 365, you can make specific analysis. Suppose you have a location in Germany and a location in Denmark: certain components may be different in Germany and Denmark. By capturing these components, you can see what the cost price of your item is and what the differences are between the location in Germany and the location in Denmark.


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