ESC helps companies and organisations unleash their full business potential through smart business applications, modern workplace technology and e-business. The ESC Group is a respected and certified partner by both Microsoft and Exact in the Netherlands and Belgium and consists of ESC, Advisie and Net IT.


"From the first contact with the ESC Group and the subsequent discussions, I had a good feeling about a potential cooperation.
And after almost 32 years of entrepreneurship, it is time for a new challenge", says Maarten Speet, Managing Director of Logic Vision.
"The broader services and product portfolio offer us new opportunities.  Additionally, this partnership provides financial security to realize our growht plan."

"With their expertise in ERP and Microsoft solutions, especially in the maritime, manufacturing, and oil & gas sectors, Logic Vision enriches our capacity to offer innovative and tailored solutions. Our combined strengths not only enhance our market position in the Netherlands but also enable us to innovate and grow in new and existing markets. We look forward to the unique opportunities this collaboration brings and are determined to achieve new successes together with Logic Vision," says Jan Hofman, CEO | ESC Group.

For more information about the ESC Group, please visit their website.  



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