Kavégas was experiencing increasing problems and limitations with the setup of the current software package, which is why the company turned to Logic Vision's door. After conducting a preliminary study, we recently received the final order for the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in combination with FuelVision 365, our industry-specific ERP software for the energy world.

During the preliminary study, the possibilities for optimizing the primary business processes were investigated. Because many processes are not currently automated, there is much to be gained in this area for Kavégas. Implementing ERP software takes time and the organization also needs time to master the new processes. Therefore, Logic Vision advised to divide the ERP implementation into the two phases:


Phase1: Bringing primary process into FuelVision 365
In this phase, the focus is on capturing all data in FuelVision 365. This involves capturing and maintaining the primary master data (contacts, customers, shipping addresses, logistics notes, tanks, service items, suppliers, bottles, other items) as well as capturing all transactions (purchases/sales) at the item level and capturing and maintaining prices. This phase is basic and allows users to gain experience with the new ERP software.

Phase 2: Optimization
In the phase after going live, users find out what is still missing or what could be improved in the process or in the design of the system. These wishes are mapped out and possibly implemented with the help of our consultants. The advantage of this method is that it prevents functionalities being set up in the first phase that will never be used later.

About Kavégas
Kavégas supplies gas & equipment and service to both individuals and businesses.
Kavégas offers companies the possibility to store gases. Kavégas has a storage of 425,000 liters. There are 4 gas tanks in storage divided into 250 m3, 2 x 125m3 and 1x 18 m3. In these are stored LPG, propane and odorless gas. Kavégas offers the possibility for companies to rent a tank from Kavégas themselves so that you can pass through. 

Kavégas is a real family business and that still determines the character of its services. Short lines, direct contact, personal and involved. You are not endlessly transferred, you do not have to wait long for an answer, you do not have to explain who you are over and over again.


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