Phase 1


Getting to know you
If you are interested in the solutions we have to offer, we would be happy to make an informal appointment to get to know you.
During this meeting we would be pleased to learn what challenges you are up against and make an estimate as to whether our software and the approach we take can be successful for your business, too.

Demonstration & Budget Estimate
Looking back favourably on the initial meeting, you believe that Logic Vision could prove to be a reliable partner for you, too.
In the follow-up meeting we will draft a project inventory, so that we can prepare a working demonstration.
We will also send you an indication of the costs involved.
During the demonstration we will show you how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can work for your organisation. We will also make an estimate of the required budget.

Phase 2

Preliminary steps

TIP: We recommend making a blueprint so that we can make an educated estimate before you give us the go-ahead for the entire project.

Blueprint (if selected)
Prior to the main project we can go through a ‘blueprint phase’, after which a final budget estimate can be made and then a decision on whether or not to go forward.*

We will send you an offer with a breakdown of the components for the entire project or, alternatively, we will first send you an offer for creating the blueprint.

* In this phase we will discuss the business processes in greater detail and make choices in relation to the configuration.
The result of this will be a more concrete budget estimate but, more importantly, better understanding between us about what the project will entail.

Phase 3


During the preliminary phase we will also discuss the planning schedule with you. This will be finalised after the offer is signed. This way you will know in advance how we intend to implement our work and which departments will be asked to give input on the configuration of the software and when this applies. During this implementation process our project management will assess project progress at all times.

Together with your core users, we will run through your business processes in the new software environment so that we can make any adjustments needed during the implementation process.

Our consultant will provide training at your site or in our own training room.

Phase 4

Going Live

Going Live
Champagne, cake or both? We can celebrate the end of a successful journey.
During the process of going live we will be on hand to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

And once the new environment is live there will still be a lot of questions, not least at the beginning.
We are prepared for this and our support staff will be happy to provide any assistance you require.

Need some advice?

Would you like to know more about our ERP software and expertise?