Alphatron Marine, with its head office in Rotterdam and more than 20 offices worldwide, has been 100% owned by its partner, JRC, since 2016. JRC is a world leader in marine electronics, specialising in the design and manufacture of products that meet the requirements of industry. With over 100 years’ history, JRC has a strong reputation in the field of the development of top-quality maritime products.

Alphatron Marine is a world-renowned supplier of integrated bridge solutions, represents important key brands throughout the industry and manufactures unique products that supplement the JRC portfolio. With the full support of Centres of Excellence in Tokyo, Rotterdam, Singapore and Houston, the combined efforts deliver quality and innovation to owners, operators and shipyards, redefining the future of ocean, offshore and inland navigation.

A partner that understands our industry and speaks our language
After an investigation into the alternatives, we decided to continue with the Dynamics NAV product. This properly reflects our business model (several sites that enjoy a large degree of autonomy) and offers the functions that we were looking for.

What we were looking for was a partner that understood our industry and spoke our language. In other words a partner that, for instance, understands the characteristics of the services provided in the maritime industry. This led us to Logic Vision and their “maritime” module.
Logic Vision has demonstrated that it understands our sector. This was the spur to go ahead with Dynamics NAV.

“That Alphatron Marine car knows exactly what service needs to be provided, everywere in the world. That requires a functioning ERP

Robert Westdijk

Robert Westdijk - IT Manager


International cooperation
For Robert Westdijk, improving international cooperation is an important spearhead: "Several branches had a NAV version but they did not connect well. We are now getting the Netherlands up to speed first and then other countries will be connected. In preparation, pilots were run in Spain, Singapore and Malaysia where Logic Vision helped us to arrange people locally who could manage everything."

The better cooperation should lead to business processes all over the world being well connected: "If the service for a ship is normally arranged in the Netherlands and that ship leaves from Rotterdam for Singapore, then colleagues in Singapore can take over the service right away. The goal is that you as a customer are helped in the same way all over the world, that the Alphatron Marine car exactly knows what needs to be done for a specific ship. That requires a well-working ERP system"

Cooperation with Logic Vision consultants
"We work a lot with the Logic Vision consultants. We also have a long partnership together and the cooperation is very good. They are professional people who take responsibility. What I find very strong is that they always keep asking questions to get to the essence of problems and that they are not afraid to hold a mirror up to us to see how things can be improved in terms of process. You don't always have to deviate from the standard, which is very important, especially in the beginning. The consultants ensure continuity in our operations, even when people leave, the knowledge remains guaranteed."

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics
"For us, the main reason for choosing Microsoft Dynamics was that we already work with Microsoft's software sheets, and in addition, the Dynamics platform is modular and can be easily adapted. That flexibility is the main reason for us.
The advantage of working with a business solution that also fits our sector is that for
our users the software is recognizable and fits well with our standard processes."

Future forecast
"The expectation for the future is that we will continue working with this platform for a long time, that we will also move to Business Central and that we will have a long future together.
Logic Vision is a really nice company to work with, brings experience and very knowledgeable people."


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