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An optimal production process can make the difference between profit or loss. With ProVision 365, our ERP software based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, you get a grip on your processes from a to z.
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  • Relationship management
  • Pricing, offer, and contract management
  • Version management
  • Configuration and estimation

Relationship management, price management, and version management are some of the functionalities handled by Provision 365 during the sales process.

Provision 365 focuses on serial and customer-driven businesses looking for specific solutions to specific questions. Logic Vision has developed an order configuration functionality that gives customer order-driven manufacturing environments the ability to configure standard components for a customer order-specific product. This creates a specific order costing. You can easily structure prices by adding extras and discounts. Price agreements can be made according to product(group), customer (group), in a particular currency or at a determined reduction, among other things. Place tenders and contracts in the system and put a sales order together. Jobs change continually. You can archive and make new versions of sales orders, sales quotes, and framework sales contracts. This allows you to stay fully on top of all changes. You can even manage your returns with ease by rebooking articles. And of course, you can fully entrust your relationship management to the system. You simply determine your prospects and link them to contact activities, like mailings or letters addressed to a person or business. This allows you to build long-term relationships, for now and for the future, from prospect to order.


  • Offer management
  • Order management
  • Vendor selection
  • Pricing management
  • Contract management

Once a sales order has been approved, you want to get to work straight away. Provision 365 allows you to work quickly and efficiently.
The system provides a purchase proposal based on material requirements, planning, inventory parameters of the articles, production orders, and sales orders. The best suppliers can be selected on the basis of delivery times and prices. Furthermore, you can easily manage and determine purchase prices and framework sales contracts. You can add extras and discounts, record how much you purchase at what price, in which currency, and at what time. You can subsequently compare this data to the actual parts purchased. In this way, you know exactly where you stand. You can also use it to manage stock returns that you record in the system. What if a contract or price has changed? All your old documents are archived in a simple way. As a result, all of your order management is efficient and accurate.

Work Preparation

  • Materials and capacity planning
  • Bills-of-materials and article management
  • Version management
  • Routings

Customers continue to influence the final result for a long time into the production process. You do not stand still either and continually develop your products. Therefore, specifications change regularly.

Provision 365 allows you to keep abreast of these changes and archives your old versions of things (e.g. bills of materials). Furthermore, the system keeps track of the routing of the production process, the length of the cycle or processing time, and exactly which parts and percentages you need. You define precisely what materials, parts, and resources you need and set the capacity and material requirement planning. Thanks to the available-to-promise and capable-to-promise functionalities, you can quickly see how the available capacity relates to the requested capacity. This allows you to set a realistic date for delivery to your customers. Reliability is incredibly important. Then, you simply need to create your purchase and production proposals, and purchase and production orders.


  • Production planning
  • Output
  • Consumption
  • Timesheets

The heart of your business: production. Provision 365 supports you in this essential process.
On the basis of the sales forecast, the system can automatically generate production orders and you are able to set up production planning. In addition to recording the materials used from stock, and the production output to the stock, you can also record the time worked per production order. These hours are recorded in a timesheet which also records other types of hours (service, indirect). You can check the timesheet against your employees’ individual timesheets. On the basis of this, you can calculate overtime and compensatory leave.

A post-calculation can be carried out from the records of the materials and hours used for a production order and this can be compared to the initial estimate. Depending on the valuation method of the product manufactured, the difference between the estimate and post-calculation makes the financial efficiency ratio.


  • Reception of goods
  • Internal goods issues
  • Shipping sales
  • Stock management

Minimum and maximum stock levels, economic lot sizes: thanks to Provision 365, you know exactly when you need to order which parts.
For example, you buy in material destined for stock on the basis of established minimum stock quantities per article. To make stock control as reliable as possible, related functionalities such as purchase, sales, and production records are fully integrated.

Good stock control begins in the warehouse. In order to optimize this process, Provision 365 can make you a warehouse order based on the purchase, production, service, or sales order.

Once a warehouse order has been processed, the purchase and sales orders are then updated. Thus, you know exactly what goods have come in and gone out. You can easily link documents to the job, such as certificates or product descriptions.


  • Invoicing
  • Work-in-progress

Business Central has its own financial module. This is fully integrated with the other modules, which means that the general ledger and subsidiary ledgers contain precisely the same information. Work-in-progress can be recorded in separate general ledger accounts for both costs and revenues. These can be managed on a project by project basis. In this way, you know exactly what costs and revenues you can expect from each project. Furthermore, debtor and creditor management is fully integrated. You can see which items are open and you can easily send reminders from the system. You can conduct before and after calculations at production or project level for example, allowing you to compare forecasted and actual costs in a simple way. Business Central provides you with financial understanding at any level you wish, from a project (phase) to the whole company.


  • Aftersales
  • Spare parts

Taking that extra step. You are happy to do it for your customers, even when products are ready.

Provision 365 is a practical tool. You can easily record and manage service objects in the system. You add service contracts and generate service orders. You can attach documents or manuals clearly to the service order, while keeping spare parts in stock for your customer. The control and processing is carried out in exactly the same way for the stock-controlled items. You are kept fully informed and are in an excellent position to offer your customers support.

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