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ERP software for manufacturers

Long lead times, large budgets, the involvement of many specialists, and changing circumstances. In short: the production process of your products is complex. ProVision 365 ensures coherence between the structure of the product and the related activities. With our ERP software based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central you keep an overview of your business processes.

• A clear project structure
• A clear calculation and comparison with the actual costs
• An integrated software solution

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Project Management

  • Project template and definition
  • Budgets
  • Forecast
  • Monitoring

Projects are the basis of your company. The products that you develop are complex and their production requires the involvement of many specialists, resources, and materials. Overview is absolutely essential.

Business Central allows you to have all the information you need about the production process and control all the processes from the preparatory work onwards. You are supported by numerous functionalities so that your output is what you want. This allows you to manage your projects effectively and efficiently.

For example, quickly set up a project thanks to the project templates already in the system, which contain part of the project parameters. You can configure the remaining specifications to the exact wishes of your customer. Budgeting and planning take a central role here. You can determine them at every stage of the project. The initial estimate is executed per project (phase) or at group or individual level. It is also easy to budget for additional costs, fees, and discounts. You can set up several versions of a project budget, only one of which is the real one. By comparing budgeted and actual costs, you can immediately see whether or not you are within budget. It is also possible to make a project prognosis based upon a completion percentage. This can be made on the basis of the budget or of the actual costs.

Is a product or part of a project ready? It is easy to make a shipment from the project. You set controls for the conclusion of the project. For example, are there still hours to record and have all the project related purchase and sales orders been dealt with? This allows you to be sure that there are no loose ends left untied. All the data is together and easy to consult, from the first estimation to the service control. You can monitor progress and manage projects in an optimal way.

Work Preparation

  • Material planning
  • Resources planning
  • Work distribution
  • Requirement planning (PRP and MRP)

Capital intensive products, long lead times, and large scale projects.
Proper planning, good work preparation, and timely issuance of work, are the foundations of your project’s success. After all, that’s the start of everything. The more insight you have, the more efficiently you work. Thanks to the integration of the various processes in Dynamics NAV, you know precisely what available capacity you have and which parts you need to produce or purchase. Calculate the material needs, both for projects and for stock: the project requirements planning and materials requirements planning. Attach the production planning to the resource planning so that you know which employees and which machines are available in a given period. This allows you to switch production incredibly fast and establish a realistic timetable.

With this data as your base, you are able to create purchase proposals, purchase orders, and production orders in next to no time. Furthermore, you can monitor whether the costs in the work preparation match those of the estimate and make timely adjustments if necessary.


  • Drawings
  • Item management
  • Bills-of-materials management
  • Version management


You produce unique products and meet your customers’ needs.
Dynamics Business Central allows you easily to attach drawings to the production. This allows you to generate or import bills or materials. The system supports the import of CAD or PDM drawings on the basis of which you can lay down bills of materials within Dynamics Business Central. You can also attach other things too, and virtually any file format can be imported. On the basis of these bills of materials, Dynamics Business Central generates proposals of required materials or directly places purchase or production orders.

The customer has a say until late in the production process. Specifications can be changed multiple times; design becomes a continuous process. You can enter bills of materials into Dynamics Business Central while archiving the old ones. Of course, everything happens at project level.


  • Production planning
  • Output
  • Consumption
  • Timesheets

Everything in your business revolves around overview of your projects and that is Dynamics Business Central’s strength.
All the processes of a project can be recorded in Business Central. You can see in detail what the requirements are in terms of materials, machines or people, per project or project phase. The system generates project specific production orders from the production planning and makes you an easy production plan per project.

For an accurate inventory valuation, you write off the (anonymous) inventory and production output. In addition, you fix the (material) use. This allows you to compare the actual costs to the budgeted costs, both for the production order and at project level, and make a post-calculation.

You can directly record hours spent on the project or via the production order attached to the project. This creates a total timesheet at project level, which you can also calculate per production order. Of course, you can also make a timesheet of indirect hours. The timesheet is checked against the employees’ timesheets. On the basis of this, the system calculates overtime and compensatory leave. Everything is integrated, which provides an overview and insight into the costs of materials and resources at project level. You monitor the progress along the entire production chain.


  • Relationship management
  • Project offers
  • More work and less work than planned
  • Deadline schedules

Good relationship management and building long-term relationships are essential to any business. Dynamics Business Central and Logic Vision’s module support you in this.
You can easily record the sales cycle from start to finish. You determine who your prospect is, where your opportunities lie and you link these to contact activities, like a letter or an email addressed to the prospect, the customer, or the project. You put a project together with ease (potentially on the basis of a standard template) bringing all the data together in a clear way. You can then make or import an estimate or put one together on the basis of a project quotation.

Furthermore, Dynamics Business Central is a fully integrated software solution. Changes in the sub ledgers are processed in real time in the financial module. As a result, the entries contained in the general ledger and subsidiary ledgers always line up. Invoicing schedules can be attached to projects with a fixed price. The system automatically sends (digital) invoices. Thanks to a reporting functionality, you can turn out clear statements. You can see at a glance what has already been paid, what still needs to be paid, and whether all of this is taking place according to the contracted terms. It is also easy and quick to make changes to the amount of work carried out, whether more or less. Your cash flow is in good hands with Dynamics Business Central.


  • Vendor rating
  • Pricing management
  • Contract management

ou stand for high quality products. Even the quality of the parts must be excellent.
Dynamics Business Central automatically generates purchase proposals based on the immediate requirements of projects, the sales orders (e.g. for spare parts), the dependent demand of production orders, and the inventory parameters of the articles. You can see which suppliers offer the best prices and whether they can deliver at a date that fits your schedule. You also know when you must place an order so as to stay on schedule. Of course, you can also place a purchase order directly from the framework purchase contract or project.

You can record price agreements within the system according the product and supplier. You record agreements from framework purchase contracts directly with the project. For example, an agreed decrease within an agreed period for an agreed price, or the delivery time, or quality requirements. This gives you the opportunity to compare the actual purchases with the agreements in the framework purchase contract.


  • Incoming project goods
  • Project issues
  • Stock management

The purchasing, sales, production, and warehouse departments work in interdependently. Collaboration is indispensable to the smooth running of projects.

You can record all changes at project level within Business Central. You record in your system which goods have come in and Business Central automatically updates the purchase orders and inventory. By matching the goods received to the original purchase order, you are able to easily compare if the right goods have come in, and if their quality and quantity is correct. You can also release products for production. You can establish minimum stock numbers per article and you buy in (basic) material for the stock. These purchase orders also have to be handled via a warehouse order. The purchase order and the inventory are then automatically updated. Thus, you know exactly what you have in stock and what is being used within a project. Business Central makes inventory management easy.


  • Invoicing
  • Work-in-progress

Business Central has its own financial module. This is fully integrated with the other modules, which means that the general ledger and subsidiary ledgers contain precisely the same information. Work-in-progress can be recorded in separate general ledger accounts for both costs and revenues. These can be managed on a project by project basis. In this way, you know exactly what costs and revenues you can expect from each project. Furthermore, debtor and creditor management is fully integrated. You can see which items are open and you can easily send reminders from the system. You can conduct before and after calculations at production or project level for example, allowing you to compare forecasted and actual costs in a simple way. Business Central provides you with financial understanding at any level you wish, from a project (phase) to the whole company.


  • Assembly
  • Aftersales
  • Spare parts

The customer is king. Shipping the product does not mean that your work is over.
You conduct assembly and installation on site and ensure that the product is working properly. For example, by adjusting a machine or training and advising your customer. You can use Business Central to create project service-related tasks and generate service contracts. You can also use it to generate service orders. In addition, it allows you to take account of any repeat orders and make sure that you have plenty of spare parts in stock. Managing and handling this data takes place in exactly the same way as with other stock-based articles (for example basic stock).

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