1. Why choose Logic Vision?

When you choose us, you do not only choose a supplier, but a partner. A partner that grows with your organization.

For a software company, staff turnover at Logic Vision is very low. Many of our people have been working at Logic Vision for more than 10 years. This means that we often bring more knowledge to the table than our competitors. Our customers appreciate this very much.

2. What do I have to do to make the best choice?

Comparing ERP solutions is very difficult.
We advise you to test potential suppliers for knowledge during the various conversations and demos. In addition, get to know the project team as quickly as possible. The consultants who demonstrates the solution is often not involved in the implementation.

After the demos, choose the best supplier and have it pre-examined. This way you can quickly see if the consultants are capable and it provides a blueprint document that you can use during the implementation.

3. What about cloud solutions?

At the moment there is a lot to do about software as a service (Saas) and cloud. To make the right choice when purchasing a (new) ERP package, it is important to consider the objectives of your organization in advance and to think carefully about the budget to be made available.

As a Microsoft partner, we are lucky that Microsoft ensures the availability of the software in all areas. For example, you can install Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central On-Premise, hosted by a hosting provider of your choice, or fully in the cloud with Microsoft.
In addition, there are also hybrid options where On-Premise is started and later the switch to the cloud can be made.