Doesburg Components is a supplier of high-quality cast iron components to customers in the truck, engine and agricultural sector. As a Tier 1 supplier they oversee the entire process from developing to delivering ready-to-use end components.

Doesburg Components is specialised in the machining of cast iron components. This process uses ultra-modern CNC machinery. In addition to manual machining centres, Doesburg Components also has access to fully robot-controlled production lines. The latest technological developments in the field of vision systems, and 2D and 3D measurement technology are integrated into the production process. In this way we can guarantee a consistent level of quality by applying the quality-management standards required for IATF 16949 certification.

In addition to machining the components, they also oversee the process of assembly, paintwork and industrial cleaning with density tests, where required. What marks out Doesburg Components from the competition is that their expertise goes further than just machining. They are also specialised in the development and purchase of castings and guarantee a constant level of quality by applying the quality-management standards required for IATF 16949 certification.


“Professional in terms of hitting targets and, in practice, there is always a good working environment without cutting corners on quality.”

Rob Paulissen-1

Rob Paulissen - Managing Director

Before Microsoft Dynamics Doesburg Components worked with Exact ERP, which was outdated and no longer supported. As a result, we as an organisation frequently found errors that did not benefit efficiency and reliability. There was also a need for greater depth in terms of information, such as traceability and changing customer requirements in order to source raw materials effectively.

When assessing the options for a new ERP system they drew up a list of four potential suppliers and discussed the requirements with them. Two suppliers were selected from these four options. Another blueprint was created by Logic Vision and, ultimately, it was selected to install Microsoft Dynamics. The good connection, the most direct interpretation of the needs of Doesburg Components and the logical furthering of improvement of functionality were decisive.


Partnership & Team spirit
The preliminary phase was very constructive, not least due to the way in which it was possible to arrive at the essence of the issue and challenging assumptions of what was really needed. Logic Vision installed the system well; we at Doesburg Components didn’t really have much idea of what that process involved. Logic Vision made us aware of this in a way that was both constructive and stimulating. After the installation, we quickly became aware of the advantages of automation and the further need to automate. A number of requirements have already been achieved.

The system going live was a tense moment. A big change, going from something that is familiar to something better that we didn’t yet have 100% control over. The process of going live did entail some overtime, but in the interests of the continuity of the organisation you have to be prepared to get to know Dynamics like the back of your hand quickly. The users are now able to use Microsoft Dynamics in their sleep, as it were. We can get the required information from the system straight away and, as a result, have access to more detailed information than most of our customers.

What characterises Logic Vision is that its staff goes about achieving their objectives professionally, creating a good working environment, without cutting corners on quality. In addition to the business/project-related targets, there is also scope for the social aspects of making partnership more of a team effort.