Vollenhoven Olie is a family business that has been operating in the lubricant and fuel sectors for nearly 125 years. Over the years Vollenhoven Olie has developed into one of the largest independent oil wholesalers in the Netherlands.

Since 2006 Vollenhoven Olie has been a member of the AVIA Nederland Cooperative and, since then, an increasing number of its filling stations have been given the red-and-white livery of AVIA. Vollenhoven Olie manages filling stations AVIA (manned) as well as AVIA Xpress (unmanned) and AVIA TRUCK (transport).In addition to fuel at filling stations, they also supply lubricants for the automotive industry and heavy industry. They have their own distribution network, which means that they can not only supply their customers quickly and flexibly, but in a socially responsible way, too.

“We are on friendly terms at all times, but are actually really professional partners; we make jokes, but the results are plain for anyone to see. Let’s keep IT that way!”

Iwan van de Wetering

Iwan van de Wetering - ICT Manager

Focused on our industry, yet flexible
Before we switched to Microsoft Dynamics we had already dabbled with another ERP package. Together with Vollenhoven, we were one of the first oil dealers to switch to an ERP package, apart from the oil companies that usually worked with SAP. With this package we became too vulnerable and dependent on two programmers. Logic Vision gave us the opportunity to start again, from scratch. The other solution required a lot of customisation. Since we want to keep up with the times, it was right to look for a generic, future-proof solution.

The number of ERP packages available seems endless, but we were looking for a solution that was focused on our industry and was flexible. We asked around colleagues and trawled the internet. On the basis of a document describing all the requirements in our own easy-to-read language, we approached various partners. As all the software we use in our company is Microsoft Office anyway, Dynamics seemed to be the best fit for us.

Research, planning, implementation and maintenance on budget
Logic Vision was the one and only partner with a special industry-related module for Microsoft Dynamics. It provides comprehensive support for our industry, from journey planning to manned filling stations and invoicing for transactions. Working in partnership with Logic Vision was very pleasant.

The promises each of us make are kept. That is why we opted for them again, eighteen months ago, to carry out an upgrade to the most recent version of Dynamics. The background research, planning and implementation were carried out to satisfaction, and were on budget. At present we have an arrangement where we buy a number of ‘blocks’ of maintenance in advance, so that all those costs are accounted for. All in all, Logic Vision is flexible and together we try to keep the standard alive as much as possible.



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