Titan is a leading supplier of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquefied biomethane (LBM). Due to the energy transition to cleaner fuels, Titan is experiencing strong growth and there was a need for an ERP system that meets their specific business processes. By automating as many processes as possible, many manual tasks have become a thing of the past, processes are less error-prone and better scalable for the future.


Choice for FuelVision 365

"Before we started with FuelVision 365, we had already been working with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, which worked fine basically. However, there were a number of company and industry-specific features that were not integrated in Business Central. Think of pricing functionality and an integration with our operational systems. In the bunker market, a lot is done with indexes and these functions are very well developed in FuelVision 365."

"In the bunker market, a lot is done with indexes and those functions are very well developed in FuelVision 365. You can also easily record your contract prices in the system, which saves a lot of manual work."


Krijn Ceelen - Controller

Benefits of FuelVision 365
"With FuelVision 365, you can easily record your contract prices in the system, which saves a lot of manual work. Waiting times, surcharges, and storage costs depending on the delivery location, were not yet automated, but they are now included. This has made it less error-prone and we can process sales faster. Conversion factors, such as from megawatt-hours to metric tons, are now also integrated into the system. This gives us freedom in input and display on our invoices."


Titan LNG succesverhaal Logic Vision


Reliable data
"With FuelVision 365, we have all information in one place. You only have to record everything correctly once and then you have a reliable basis that also allows integrations to operational systems. We are now working on an integration with Smartsheet for preparing sales invoices for example. Furthermore, we used the implementation to redefine the general ledger and dimensions. This has significantly improved management information. A nice extra feature: we can extract data from the ERP from Excel via a reporting add-on. One click and everything is updated."

Collaboration with Logic Vision
"We were looking for a partner with industry knowledge who could think along with us. In the quotation process and the creation of a blueprint, it became clear that Logic Vision understands our business very well. Development capacity was sometimes limited but the cooperation was good during the process. The consultants from Logic Vision were with us in the office one day a week while we received a lot of 'homework' in between. Progress on additional customized solutions was communicated in a timely manner, and a budget update was shared weekly. There was also a lot of contact via Microsoft Teams, which worked very well. We have deviated slightly from the planning, but the consultants were also available around the turn of the year. I am very pleased with that!

In practice, things sometimes work differently than expected. The excise functionality for our processes didn’t meet our demands so we initially left this out of scope.
However, a proposal came from the consultant to be able to automate excise duty. This showed that they were thinking along with us. For larger changes, an RFC (Request For Change) was made with a realistic estimation of hours and a detailed description of the solution to be developed. This works well because all parties know what to expect. Overall, we have managed to limit the amount of customization together."

How do you look back on the go-live?
"The go-live was originally supposed to be on December 1, but as we started later than initially planned we had to postpone it. After going live, we still had to deal with the usual teething problems, but it was actually not too bad for me. We have been running for 2 months now and it works very well. The sales prices and VAT functionality was the most important thing when going live and that all went well. There were no major problems and the consultants were easily accessible. On the front end, a lot of time was spent designing roles for users in the organization, in which I was also closely involved. FuelVision 365 is a very large system, but we set it up in such way that users will only see those fields that they really need. As a result, people immediately had an overview and a sense of recognition. Of course this helps enormously for the acceptance of the system."

About Titan Clean Fuels
Titan has been a leading supplier of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquid biomethane (LBM) since 2012, when it was founded in Amsterdam. Titan specializes in providing end-to-end clean fuel solutions to marine and industrial customers. This includes project planning, molecule acquisition and delivery, related services and risk management.  As an independent player, Titan works with suppliers and customers for reliable availability and delivery anywhere in the world. 


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