ShipVision 365 for Yacht Building

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

ERP software for Yacht Builders

Our software, based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, is the tailor-made ERP software for yacht builders. ShipVision 365 helps yacht builders to:

  • Run business operations as efficiently as possible.
  • Optimally coordinate business processes.
  • Deliver the highest possible quality for their customers.
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Estimating is the starting point for every project. This is how you determine costs, budgets, and schedules. Accurate records are indispensable. The maritime module allows you do all of this, in as much detail as you wish. You can record activities separately, so that you get insight into the planned partial results and costs. You can also see at a glance what materials, components, and resources are needed for the project.


  • Opportunities
  • Shared communication history


  • Job templates
  • Quote Configurator

Project control

You run several projects simultaneously, some customer driven and some serially. These range from shipyard to major building projects, sometimes involving millions of Euros, requiring years of work, and the collaboration of several specialists. Yacht building projects are complex. Your goal is to execute the projects on time, within budget, and according to contractual terms.

The focus of ShipVision 365 is project control and project management. Manage projects by breaking them down into project tasks. You will get insight into the costs, activities, and separate elements defined within the project. Compare the budgeted, expected, and projected costs. Compare the budgeted, spent, and bought-in hours. In addition, keep on top of planning in detail per room, building number, or site.

Does the customer want to change something in the design? You can easily register this with a change order as well as easily return to the pre-change design later. Prior to delivery, you control whether all the items are ready and you draw up an invoice. Upon delivery of the vessel, your customer has a direct insight into the total costs. You also have greater control and are better able to provide your customers with excellent service.

  • Multiple Job Breakdown Structures
  • Budgets and Baselines
  • Forecasts
  • Job Price Agreements


  • Drawing Position number
  • Bill of Materials


  • Resource hours registration
  • Resource Qualifications, Certificate
  • Planboard


  • Job Tasks, Work Orders
  • Job Change Orders
  • MS Project synchronization
  • Job Transfer Orders
  • Job Purchases


  • Multiple Customers per Job
  • Fixed Price Invoicing
  • Time & Material invoicing
  • Presets for Invoice Lay-out

Procurement & Logistics

Maximum quality at minimum cost: there can be no doubt that this is what you are after when you buy in parts.

From the project you can transfer the indicated requirement to a purchase order, in which you confirm the agreements with the supplier and send by e-mail including your purchase conditions.
For your grab stocks, the system can automatically generate purchase proposals based on inventory levels and delivery times. Based on the proposal you can indicate yourself what is actually required.

  • Job Purchases from Job Planning
  • Job Inventory
  • Job Deliveries incl packaging
  • Customs/Commercial Invoice
  • Warehousing, multiple locations
  • Inventory level management
  • Purchase Prices, Discounts
  • Transfer Orders
  • ADCS barcode scanning

Purchase & Payments

In order to make the payment process run smoothly, you can make use of digital approval.

On the basis of your estimates, you can see what budget has been earmarked for purchasing and it is easy to make sure that it is not exceeded. Furthermore, you have complete insight into the purchase history, whether by project, by supplier, or by part.

You can turn out a report containing, for example, the price, the supplier, the serial number, the type, and actual stock. ShipVision 365 ensures maximum control by using our partner software to match the purchase invoice with the purchase order and release the payment after approval.

  • WKA/Dutch Sequential Liability Act
  • Purchase Orders for registered External Hours
  • Prepayments, Payment Schedule
  • Approval Work Flows

After Sales

When a customer calls you, you can look up the right information very easily, on the basis of suppliers, parts, or projects, for example. Are spare parts no longer available? You can search the system for alternatives and create a product catalog in a flash. This means that you are always able to support your customers.

With ShipVision 365 you have access to the historical overview, so you can see exactly which work has been done in the past and which parts have been delivered or replaced. You can easily search by ship name, owner or other contact person. All activities, orders and purchases and sales are clearly arranged. By ship or by customer. With ShipVision 365 you can easily configure quotations based on standard activities and customer agreements.


  • Contact details
  • Registration details
  • Installed System components
  • Order history
  • Saved documents


  • Contracts
  • Scheduded Contract Invoicing
  • Maintenance Tasks
  • Planned Maintenance
  • Exhange Parts - Deposits
  • Service Reports


  • Register sale on ship/system component
  • Sales Prices/Discounts
  • Prepayments, Payment Schedule
  • Customs/Commercial Invoice


Yacht building projects are complex and extensive, and this includes their budgeting. A reliable financial management system is an absolute must. ShipVision 365 is fully financially integrated and all transactions show up on the ledger. This gives you an immediate overview of your finances.

ShipVision 365 also gives you the ability to record your contractual payment terms, both for purchasing and sales. You can see how much a client has already paid and how much he still has to pay. The system also sends out reminder notices. This allows you to optimize your cash flow management and ensures that your upfront financing is kept to a minimum.

You can get an overview of how you are spending budget by tagging or marking projects, project tasks, and cost sheets. It is then very easy to create a report. You can also add an approval process to your invoicing based upon the amount, department or person, for example. Then you can be sure that the process is carried out properly. Perhaps you have several BVs or holding companies and would like to merge the records of the two companies (intercompany transactions). You can do that with ShipVision 365. And of course, it supports the SEPA system too.

  • Cash Flow
  • Deferrals
  • (Global) Payments, Telebanking
  • Integrated Work In Progress postings
  • Integrated Inventory Value postings
  • Integrated Fixed Assets postings
  • Approval Work Flows

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