ProVision365 for maritime

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All ship information at a glance

  • Yacht or ship as centerpiece 
  • Link between ship and components
  • Insight per ship and component

All information about the yacht is in one central location so you can manage all tasks per yacht from one screen. So you have direct access to all components and can see what work has been done and is still planned.


For yacht and shipbuilding, suppliers and service providers

ProVision365 was originally developed for (project-driven) companies within the maritime sector.
Thanks to our maritime templates in our ERP software and our knowledge of your industry, you get the best of 2 worlds:

  • Reliable Microsoft ERP software that is continuously improved.
  • ERP software that takes your maritime business processes into account.


Run your acquisition/pre-design projects with your own system breakdown structure. You easily link this structure to any specifications from the potential customer. Hours and purchases can be recorded on the project, giving you insight into the cost of these sales efforts.


  • Opportunities
  • Shared communication history


  • Job templates
  • Quote Configurator

Project management

Monitor projects via your own work breakdown structure. You gain insight into the costs, activities and schedule defined within the project. Compare the calculated, budgeted, spent and forecast costs. Contrast budgeted, spent and projected hours. And keep detailed records of the planning per system, room and department.

Does a customer want to change something on the yacht? Via a change order, you can easily calculate and register this and later retrieve the budget and associated costs of the change order.

During construction, you can check whether all items are ready for the agreed milestone and send the instalment invoice. You can also link milestones to purchase orders, so that purchase term invoices can also be checked against them. This gives you more control over your cash flow within the project.

In addition, you can store relevant documents in a structured manner in ProVision365.
Protocols, work reports and technical documents are available per vessel or component.

  • Multiple Job Breakdown Structures
  • Budgets and Baselines
  • Forecasts
  • Job Price Agreements


  • Drawing Position number
  • Bill of Materials


  • Resource hours registration
  • Resource Qualifications, Certificate
  • Planboard


  • Job Tasks, Work Orders
  • Job Change Orders
  • MS Project synchronization
  • Job Transfer Orders
  • Job Purchases


  • Multiple Customers per Job
  • Fixed Price Invoicing
  • Time & Material invoicing
  • Presets for Invoice Lay-out

Purchasing and logistics

Maximum quality and reliable delivery time. That is what you want, especially when purchasing for projects.

From the project, you can transfer the stated requirement to a purchase order, in which you confirm the agreements with the supplier and send via e-mail with your purchase conditions.
For your grab stocks, the system can automatically generate purchase proposals based on stock levels and delivery times. Based on the proposal, you can specify what is actually needed.

  • Job Purchases from Job Planning
  • Job Inventory
  • Job Deliveries incl packaging
  • Customs/Commercial Invoice
  • Warehousing, multiple locations
  • Inventory level management
  • Purchase Prices, Discounts
  • Transfer Orders
  • ADCS barcode scanning

Purchase & payments

To keep the procurement process controlled, you use digital approval. Based on the project calculation, you can see what budget has been reserved for the various purchases and easily keep track of whether this is not exceeded. In addition, you have full insight into the procurement history. This can be per project, per supplier, but also per system. ProVision365 ensures maximum control by using our partner software to match the purchase invoice with the purchase order and release payment after approval.

  • WKA/Dutch Sequential Liability Act
  • Purchase Orders for registered External Hours
  • Prepayments, Payment Schedule
  • Approval Work Flows




After Sales

As soon as a customer calls, you want to take immediate action. Or even get ahead of the customer and offer preventive maintenance. This is how you add value for your customer and build a long-term relationship. Thanks to ProVision365, you can access the historical overview, see exactly what work has been done in the past and which parts have been delivered or replaced. You easily search by ship name, owner or other contact person. All activities, orders and purchases and sales are clearly arranged. Per ship or per customer. Within ProVision365, you can easily configure quotations based on standard activities and customer agreements.


  • Contact details
  • Registration details
  • Installed System components
  • Order history
  • Saved documents


  • Contracts
  • Scheduded Contract Invoicing
  • Maintenance Tasks
  • Planned Maintenance
  • Exhange Parts - Deposits
  • Service Reports


  • Register sale on ship/system component
  • Sales Prices/Discounts
  • Prepayments, Payment Schedule
  • Customs/Commercial Invoice


The maritime module allows you to record contractual payment terms, both for sales and purchases. You can see how much the customer has already paid and how much the customer still has to pay. This allows you to optimise your cash flow management and make sure you pre-finance as little as possible.

By linking tags or characteristics to projects, project tasks and cost centres, you gain insight into budget usage. You can also add an approval process to purchase and sales invoicing to ensure your figures are reliable.

  • Cash Flow
  • Deferrals
  • (Global) Payments, Telebanking
  • Integrated Work In Progress postings
  • Integrated Inventory Value postings
  • Integrated Fixed Assets postings
  • Approval Work Flows