NPP Power is a specialized manufacturer of power products with factories in China and Vietnam. In November 2017, NPP Power Europe B.V. was established in the Netherlands as headquarters for the European market in order to be one step closer to its customers and offer local service to all European customers. Thanks to a large warehouse and short delivery times, NPP Power Europe offers customized battery packs and has the technical capabilities to offer total solutions.

After moving to its new location in Ridderkerk early this year, NPP Power Europe went live with Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud. Because the company has only been around for a short time, it went through a hectic period in which it became clear that processes needed to be better structured. The company wanted to make its processes, such as inventory tracking, more insightful and accessible where all financial aspects also needed to be integrated.

Insight and unlimited access to information

By using Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud, NPP Power Europe now has good insight into its business processes. Where previously it was quite common that certain information was not accessible because it was not stored centrally, NPP Power Europe now has 24/7 access to all important information.

Due to the familiar and user-friendly Microsoft interface, the system also quickly feels familiar. The company expects to experience significant growth in the coming years, and Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud allows the organization to thrive now and in the future.  


"Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud is very user-friendly thanks to the familiar Microsoft interface."

Nicolas Gonzalez NPP Power Europe.jpg
Nicolas Gonzalez, NPP Power Europe


Nicolas is happy with the close partnership with consultant Jan van Herwaarden: "Jan works quickly and responds very quickly to questions. He has set up the system, so he always knows exactly what it is all about, which is very important for us." Nicolas values building a long-term relationship with Logic Vision and currently lists Logic Vision as one of NPP Power Europe's key partners.

Nicolas also attended the IT Knowledge & Inspiration session to stay up to date of the latest developments. A route was mapped out to make optimal use of the available (new) functionalities in Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud, both in the short term and in the future.

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